Basenji Pup Wanted For Loving Home In AZ

  • I am seeking a healthy Basenji pup - prefer a male / red&white - for our family in Mesa, AZ. I am looking to buy from a registered/responsible breeder that can provide guarantee of health/healthy bloodlines.

    If you have puppies available in Arizona, or expect to have puppies within the next year, please reach out - I'd love to talk with you.


  • You should check the BCOA list of breeders, they will have a membership list of people who breed responsibly. Always make sure you find a pup whose parents are listed on OFA site, they have been tested for Fanconi disease - though obviously that is not the only matter to consider in a breeder. Alternatively, there are always Basenjis, even pups at times who need new homes on BRAT. There is also Linda (Sinbaje) on the BasenjiForums who breeds sometimes in AZ - she might know something. Finally I believe there were some Fanconi tested RW pups born in California still waiting to be placed. There is a thread here:

  • I know of a few breeders with pups in Tucson/Phoenix if you want to give them a shout. I know of Tari Parish, and Sherry Stevens. TarSha and Nowata Basenjis.

  • Michael, hopefully the people you are recommending are NOT the ones you got your Fanconi affected dog from 😞

    Shalom, obviously you are a fellow MOT. LOL and if you are under 25 and unmarried I'll introduce you to my cute unmarried almost 20 yr old daughter. (A mother can only dream of finding…not a doctor... but a fellow dog lover for her child. 🙂 )

    Lindsay, let the breeders here guide you in finding a dog from a responsible breeder. Making sure you have proof of Fanconi testing is a basic. If your desire is simply a pet, consider BRAT. If you are interested in an older (1 to 3 yrs old) dog, there are some available from breeders here although shipping may be required.

    Often in finding the perfect dog, you have to ship from other states. My first 2 basenjis came from TEXAS, my rescue from BRAT is from FL.

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    Michael, hopefully the people you are recommending are NOT the ones you got your Fanconi affected dog from 😞]

    Deborah, he is not, that breeder is a BYB in Colorado (by the way still breeding and selling)

  • @DebraDownSouth:

    Michael, hopefully the people you are recommending are NOT the ones you got your Fanconi affected dog from

    Certainly not from Tari Parish. While I don't know the background of all of Tari's dogs, the puppy we'll be getting from her this weekend has parents both of whom have been tested CLEAR for Fanconi (see my post at

    I don't personally know Sherry, but she is listed on BCOA's site, and her dog, Ch. Desoleil's Atributes Causa Nowata (Tibu), is the sire of the puppy we'll be getting from Tari.

  • I must tell you all that it appears Basenji enthusiasts may actually be the most amazing community of dog lovers I have ever encountered. I am so happy that it seems everyone's best interest is in the health and love of this amazing breed!

    Thank you for all of your help, and please keep me posted if anyone knows of additional, reliable and caring resources.

    Thank you!


  • No, the breeders I am talking about are good, reputable ones. I know that Sherry’s pups are from a carrier and a clear, but she hasn’t tested them yet. Both AZ breeders I mentioned have some pups left and still have a few dogs that need good, proper homes.

    And I am not married, but I am taken. lol Thanks for trying.

  • LOL, Michael. I told my daughter I pitched her on the Basenji board and I am surprised you didn't hear the screams of outrage. 🙂

    Back to dogs, yes, people here are wonderful. We have great people who are breeders here to help those of us who are not basenji breeders learn, make good choices and become educated. We might get a bit snarky (cough cough, some of us–- by which I mean me---), but the dogs are the heart of all concerns.

  • Linda - do you know if Skeeter is still available (Flame's littermate)? He is adorable!

    I have not yet had a chance to telephone, but emailed earlier this w eek and had not received a reply. Maybe we'll have brothers!

  • I’ll ask Tari and see. I have pics of skeeter if needed. You can also go through my link and contact me directly. I am a wealth of knowledge.

  • @MissLinZ:

    Linda - do you know if Skeeter is still available (Flame's littermate)? He is adorable!

    I believe Tari wants Skeeter to go to a show home and, at one point, had someone considering him, but I don't know what his current status is.

    Tari works during the week and is busy a lot of weekends showing or judging, so best bet would be to give her a call some evening.

  • Yep - Just spoke with Sam and he confirmed that Skeeter is for show. Looks like I may be out of luck until fall as I don't want to ship, but would rather stay within the Arizona community. No rush though . . . the best things are worth waiting for!

  • My girl, Callie, is from a breeding to a Sundiata dog, Pi. Sundiata (Chris Maxka) has dogs in Arizona & New Jersey. I know they had two litters this year; I don't know if any pups are still available though. It wouldn't hurt to contact them. Although I did not get Callie directly from Chris (I got her from a breeder in Georgia who used Pi as a stud), Chris is actively involved in Callie's life. She likes to keep up to date on Callie's show & coursing careers as well as her day to day antics. She's a great part of our extended basenji family/support system. She health tests & shows her dogs, and has been around for a few decades.

  • I know Sherry has 3 boys without homes yet, I think the other two girls are spoken for though.

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