Female basenji pup wanted

@redial I will check with her too, thanks.

@rgk9ruler I am waiting to hear back from Pam and we emailed each other yesterday. So I will wait to hear back, fingers crossed.

@redial - Hi Len, Susan only had a litter of two this year

@dagodingo...Our experience with Eldorado Basenji, LOVE them!! As breeders they got to know my husband and I through several emails and a lengthy interview, plus a questionnaire. We had lost our beloved Rory at 16, but still had Tim who was 15 from a different breeder who was no longer breeding. He was not coping well either. We needed an older tolerant female, as even at 15, could still be a handful. They could not have made a better match. I know that you say you are looking for a specific age, but, having got 2 older dogs from them one a former show dog, and 1 a return, both dogs were great matches for us and our home, both were their recommendations.

@rgk9ruler The main reason I want a younger girl is because of spacing them. My boy was nine months when we got him, house trained, past the destroy and chew everything stage lol, what a dream he was! But he is six now and I want to try to avoid having two older sick dogs as one needs all my attention when they get close to the end. Plus the vet fees can be very high and the grief of losing one is bad, losing two close together would be worse. I figure I am good for one more pup or young girl and then I will be looking for older rescues.

I lost 4 dogs (3 elderly, one young) in a little over a year. I felt battered.

@debradownsouth I can’t even imagine. I lost my first B in 2013 and Suzy last November. Even with my new boy, it took four years before things felt more normal again. I don’t think you ever recover fully.


I agree that we don't ever really recover. Maybe you reach the stage that photos don't bring you to tears, but the pain stays. Yet I am glad that I love them enough to hurt. And I am sorry for people who consider them "just animals", easily replaced.

@debradownsouth The plus is that they never really get to bond and understand them, it’s a very special and privileged experience. I guess it’s no pain no gain but they do take a part of you with them when they go.

@dagodingo - A very close friend told me after I lost one of my Basenji girls "you carry a piece of their soul in your heart forever"... I have always held on to that for all the Basenjis that I have watched cross the Rainbow Bridge

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