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Thank you all for the replies. Unfortunately after doing a bit more research, we’ve decided that basenjis aren’t quite the hypoallergenic option for us. 😞 We’ll be moving forward with another breed, or date I say it......a mixed breed 😮 (I know, hate me if you want- we just want a dog for US).

Thank you all for the kind advice. Great forum and atmosphere. I’ll consider this topic closed for now.


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Thank you. Part of this process will absolutely be to spend time with any potential pairing to see its temperament with our children even without the allergies, but we will keep this in mind as part of the process.

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We’re looking for exactly this.

We’re open to a very young rescue or even a mix rescue lead or purebred of course! We really like the appeal of the basenji type however and will take all leads.

We’re open to price for the right fit for our family. In Midwest but will travel for pickup for the right situation. Our biggest obstacle will be needing a fairly young one as we want to raise with a 4yr old boy and 6 yr old girl. We have several fenced in acres and have experience with a larger Yorkie (want a larger dog). Wife has pet allergies and husband wants a dog he can jog with so larger medium size at minimum.

If this exists please feel free to talk to us.

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