We walked around the corner and…......

Saw this picture of our dogs just sitting on the stairway! It was a funny sight.

They look like slightly mismatched bookends, lol

odd they were both sitting there like that, I've seen my one B sit like that on the front porch, but the both of em, what is up with that?

LOL! Too funny & too cute!

Great picture very cute.

Rita Jean

Very cute. I love Rex's long sleeves & the way Rio is sitting. :D:D:D

Us too…..The funny thing too was that they stayed right there while we ran to get the camera and take the picture. Usually when they are doing something camera-worthy, by the time we get the camera, they have moved.

Rio (tri) is quite the "character". I think she was the runt of the litter, but she has been the best!

😃 great pic

Great Pic!

I have so many "Kodak Moments" but the b's want to know why I am scurrying off (to get the camera) and the moment is lost.

If only I kept my camera in my pocket at all times…

I always have loved the way Basenjis sit with their "butts" on one step, front feet on the lower one….

First Basenji's

I'm amazed how all of you capture these wonderful pics. Do you walk around with the camera around your neck, or have one in every room!
My pack never sits still for long, especially if I get near them with the camera, and they move,, "What that mom?" Is it for us to chew….? They are only quit when they are asleep.

Will keep trying.


I love that picture..good for you for getting it..
We have no stairs in our home ( up for sour debate if you ask my kids, they want them bad..) so I have only seen Otis sit like that on one of the other dog's heads..it looked funny too..

Mine do this exact same thing all the time! It is so cute to see others do it too. My BESt pictures are of them sitting on the steps together looking out the big window.

that is SO cute! great pic!

What an awesome!!!!! pic

So other Bs do exactly what mine do: sit with their butt on a step or the edge of the bed, with their front feet on the ground. I wonder why they do that. 🙂

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