• Another walk in the dog forrest.. No pics of Tillo IN the forrest.. because we lost him there.. :o I mean.. he lost us….... 😉 😃 (he walked along with a lady who had some very nice treats.. :D)

    Tillo playing with a new girlfriend..

    Take this

    True love….

    Tillo looking for another girlfriend..

    No.. you're a male..

    I can see something nice comming..

    TWO girlfriends!! 😃

    Little break

    And….. yes.. another nice female 😃

    And females are allowed to do ANYTHING

    Tillo showing off

    And another break

    Males are fun too!

    But they aren't allowed to do anything..

    So they have to say sorry

    Mommy! Look what I found!!



    Tillo playing soccer with a tennis ball 😉

    So not impressed..

    Food! 😃

    This dog was sooo much fun 😃 He was constantly trying to sit in my lap and had his nose up my lense 😃

    Last push of the day 😃 😉

  • Wow, you really take great pictures!

  • Houston

    What amazing pictures you take. Talented indeed.

  • Absolutely amazing photos. I love them all, Just incredible action shots!

  • Fab Piccies! 🙂 I love the two with the beagle and Tillo. I wish I had a place like that to let mine off lead. Although not sure mine would be quite so friendly with other dogs (bitches maybe).

  • First Basenji's

    Those are all such beautiful pictures. It looks like he had so much fun!

  • Thanks all 🙂


    Those are all such beautiful pictures. It looks like he had so much fun!

    And yes, he definitely had a lot of fun!! 😃 He loves to run and play! (which dog doesn't… :rolleyes::D)

  • Fabulous shots again! Tillo always looks like he's having such fun. Cute to see him on his back - my puppy's favorite fight/play position!

  • I'm in total agreement - the quality of the pictures are amazing!

    Really get a sense of his enjoyment,

    Cheers for sharing,


  • I just love these pictures - they make me wish I was a good photographer. Its also good to see how Tillo has such opportunities to play with other dogs. mine don't see many (except at shows) - they have only three friends - a lurcher, a terrier cross and a Weimaraner, we are very isolated and don't have any dog clubs near either.

    You are obviously a very keen photographer. Pl;ease let us see more!

  • Thank you so much for sharing! I just love the picture of him taking his first break. Beautiful shots; I am jealous!

  • Pictures are great but what is even better is getting to see them all play and have fun.
    Thank you for sharing.

    Rita Jean

  • Great action photos, thanks for sharing!!! They seem to be having so much fun!:D:D:D

  • I love your pictures, they are always so wonderful and I love how socialized Tillo is, he's such a great boy

    OMG this has to be the worlds biggest tennis ball LMAO

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