• Hi, my name is marisa from Italy,:) I own a little 5 month old basenji girl named Duna which in italian means, sand dune.
    i will be reading as much as i can as soon as i have a little time.
    Thanks for a forum so useful:)

  • Welcome…you will find lots of computer basenji friends here.

  • Welcome gald you found all of us. Have fun with your new baby and please post us some pictures.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    Welcome, glad to have you onboard. I envy you living in Italy. It is by far my favorite country in Europe ( I am from Sweden, so I have been to Italy a lot in my younger years LOL..).
    You will love it here, tons of information, fun facts and lovely pictures.
    Please let us see your pretty Duna.


  • welcome Marisa and Duna, i'm sure you will enjoy this forum.

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Hello and welcome to the forum:D

    My male has a daughter living in Italy.

  • Welcome to the forum!! We love pictures!! 😃

  • @Janneke:

    Welcome to the forum!! We love pictures!! 😃

    YES WE DO !!! 😃
    Welcome to the Forum Marisa & Duna. Tons of very useful information here and…, only a mouse click away !

  • Ciao and welcome to the Forums! I love new Basenji friends and especially Italian ones!!! My great-grandparents were from Italy and my grandfather was full-blooded Italian, but born in the USA. So my father is half Italian and I am 1/4 Italian (not much, but proud nonetheless). I would love to go to Italia someday, it is my dream!!!:)

  • I'd love to upload an album of Duna, and have tried so, but i'm having problems and they are not getting uploaded.
    Thank-you all for the warm welcome you folks have all given me and my little girl….
    For bellabasenji......remember we all have dreams abd some times they come true...you've just got to wish them sooo hard!!!
    You see...id love to come over to America...that would be my dream, but when i read from people that they say i'm lucky to live here, then i start thinking i really am!!! The neighbours grass is always greener!! I'll tell you something....i'd love to visit Rome and it's only 5 hours carfrom here!!! I've been there once on my honeymoon 20 years ago!!!!!
    You just never get round to doing some things!!!
    Sorry if off topic!! But you are welcome over anytime!!!

  • Welcome to our pack! Tell us more about Duna (what does she look like) and her antics. If we can't see pictures then we love to have stories.

  • @Kalima62:



  • You take the link to the picture and put behind it and ![](in front of it. I tried it with this pic.. but it's 'a bit' too big..)

  • Welcome to the Forum from the UK. i'm sure you have lots of fun with Duna.

  • Hello, also had trouble getting pictures to load. i have to export them to my desktop and then i browse and click them from the desk top and it takes a while,, pretty slow. and several times i had to repeat on the same picture. keep trying. it is a bit frustrating but it does work. good luck! oh and it sometimes said "Failed" but it really did load anyway…. sometimes you have to log out to be able to see it.

  • Welcome, she is very pretty, and I love your location!

  • MacPack…if i get the pic question sorted out....ill show you some nice places!!! Its soooo frustrating!!!

  • Houston

    Ok, I somewhat figured it out. I hope it was Ok for me to post your beautiful picture. Duna is gorgeous, but then again, I think all red/white girls are gorgeous…

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