Hello from South Georgia

I just wanted to stop by and say hi. My Basenji mix,Scarlett O'Hara was about 15-18 months when I adoped her from a shelter here in South Georgia in May. When I got her she had been running the streets in a friends neighborhood and he paws are still showing the signs form that. I will be posting pictures as soon as my camera gets fixed. I am new at this whole raising a basenji mix, she fits the descriptions of a basenji that i have read almost perfectly, but she is a bit bigger than most purebreed basenjis. My man question is what can be done about the constant chewing, if anything? She has a ton of toys and she is very rough with them and even the toys that are supposed to hold up to rough dogs seem to disappear quickly with her.

Welcome…..My boy is 4 he isn't destructive any more but still loves to chew. I just get the tough toys..and realize that treats don't last long. These guys are just strong chewers. Deke has one stuffed toy he hasn't destuffed, I don't know why. Maybe someone else has more suggestions we don't have a big problem with him chewing things. He loves to be crated so he's never out alone.

Hi and welcome. Where in South Georgia are you? We live in Savannah. Cory, our 10 month old girl, chews but it seems to be sort of an "absent minded" sort of thing. She has gutted one stuffed toy but every dog we've ever owned has insisted on gutting their toys. And Cory doesn't chew as much as our boxer did as a pup. Now as for shredding her crate bedding and tearing up paper - Cory is a master.


Pat, I am in Statesboro. Scarlett's favorite thing to chew is the shoes i have laying around the house. She has chewed up my boots to the point that they don't have toes anymore. I have found a rawhide bone that she can barely fit in her mouth that she loves and the rope toys that she has are string in a month. I guess that is just a basenji thing though. The only thing she doesn't chew is her crate bedding. I have just gotten her used to the crate good and she is wonderful if i am watching her like a hawk, but the minute i take my eyes off her she finds something to chew. I only let her out when i am home and so that has cut back on the chewing but having her is like having an infant in the house, everything must be childproofed. I love her to death and wouldn't trade her for the world though. I guess my other question would be what she could be mixed with, she weighs 36 pounds and the vet says she is healthy as a horse and is about 6 inches bigger than a purebred basenji. Her tail doesn't curve and she's got a lot less white than the others i've seen, other than that she is th typical basneji.

Welcome! If you can manage to post a pic that will help us. You will find B's are perpetual 2 year olds and everything must be child proofed. If you look through some of the threads you will find most of us live with baby gates and shut doors. I live with child proof locks everywhere also. You can try the nylabones and black kong toys for chewing. Smear a LITTLE bit of Peanut butter or something she likes inside the kong toy.

You aren't far away at all! I wish your Scarlett was a Rhett instead….then we could try a "play date". I'm not sure how Cory would play with another female. That is one reason her breeder, Robyn, had to find her another home - she picked arguments with Robyn's other females.


Hi scarlettsmomma and welcome to the forum. I live in Georgia too, close to Atlanta. 🙂

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing pictures when you can…

She definitely loves play dates. We have a standing one with a pit bull, Laney, and a boxer, Houston, every week on campus. They look forward to these times each week and if we don'y get to do them, they get soooo upset.

Robyn, my parents live in Atlanta and that is where i am originally from. I bring her home every time I come up.

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