Hello from Middle Georgia

Just want to say Hi to all and thank you for letting me join the forum. I live just south of Warner Robins,Ga. I have 3 wonderful Basenji's. 2 R/W female sisters, Cinja and Pemba. They are 14 yrs old and are doing ok. The male is Congo. He is also R/W and10y/o and full of everything. I will post some pic's when I figure out how to get them from my old crashed computer.
I have a question for the Mods about this forums history.
Is this forum a descendant of the old Prodigy internet network, Basenji Forum, from the early 1990's.
Just curious.
Thanks for having me.

Hi ELB, I grew up in Cochran, Ga, just a few miles from you (many years ago). Are there any dog parks near there?

Welcome, look forward to seeing photos!

No dog parks that I know of. We have been to the Wildlife Management Area. Looks like I am going to work on that broke computer to get the pics off of it.

Welcome Cinja, Pemba, Congo and ELB to the forum!

Welcome, glad you found us

Hi ELB, and welcome!

I'm not one of the moderators, but I do remember the old Prodigy forum! Our first Basenji was born in 1991, and I was on that forum constantly learning what to do with my new boy… it was how I met many other Basenji owners and breeders.

Terry and the Illusion Pack

Welcome to you all - so glad you are on board with us!

Welcome to the four of you - look forward to seeing the pictures if you can recover them.

I am only a recent forum member so haven't seen a previous forum.

Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see pics of your pups!

Hi ELB. I live a couple hours north of you near Atlanta. 🙂

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