Hi, my name is Shari and I just found out about this forum and thought it would be fun to share and read stories of basenji's. They never cease to amuse. I have one for the moment. His name is Boyd and he's a 15 month old brindle. He loves to cuddle though he can be a bit of an attention whore. He loves to chew on the stuffed animals and plastic toys he has. He also loves to chew on about anything else if you don't watch him. He loves playing fetch though not with a ball. He also loves playing hide and seek which is adorable. We both are excited about joining this forum! 🙂

Welcome to the forum Shari and Boyd!


We love to see pictures!

Welcome, where did you get your puppy boy from? Many of us have related B's here on the forum

Glad you found us. I am assuming he is your first basenji? Bet you get one more..laugh
2 are better than one.

Welcome to the forum! Where in Georgia are you? We're in Atlanta.

Welcome to the forum Shari and Boyd!

Welcome to the forum, we sometimes go to GA to course in Calhoun or Cartersville.

Lisa are you coming down this weekend?

No we have AKC in Arkansas, 4 hrs vs 9. Probably will only do the winter events in Ga as there are always closer events on the spring and fall dates. Have fun.

hi Shari and Boyd - welcome to the BEST forum on the internet!

thanks everyone for welcoming us.
I got boyd through Harmony Hounds in south GA. http://basenjipuppy.com You can see pictures of him on showcase page one and three (or in his album on this site). His paperwork says his parents are Skippy joe and Misty May. Before I got him they had named him "Omari." It just didn't seem to fit his personality though. He's lived with me now in Augusta since June. We'll probably be here for a while… at least until I finnish up school at Augusta State University. And yes, I am itching for another one. I really want a tri-girl, but I will probably wait another year.

Pat, her license is USDA yes?

Welcome to the forum Shari and Boyd, where are the pics 😃

Welcome, Shari and Boyd. He is in that "terrible twos" stage, just be patient, in another 10 or 12 years you will have a calm, easy-going dog!


Pat, her license is USDA yes?

That is correct. Hopefully the sire and dam have been DNA tested for Fanconi, she has in the past sometimes done some health testing before breeding. I don't find the Dam on Sally's pedigree site, is that her full registered name? Misty May? I do find a T&N's Skippy Joe, if that is the sire, he is also not DNA tested for Fanconi.

So you might want to consider having your puppy DNA tested for Fanconi. Visit www.basenjihealth.org

Oh, really, everyone who has NOT gotten their b's from parents that are heathy tested, please do. You need to know what is in store for you with your b's health down the road.


Welcome Shari and Boyd, nice to have you onboard.

Shari got Boyd from Harmony Hounds - you can see them both on my showcase page 🙂

I didn't see any fanconi testing info on your site?

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