• Hi there,

    I'm Melissa. Me and my husband, Bob, recently adopted a brother/sister pair of 5 month old pure Basenjis. My husband volunteers at the local Humane Society and saw the puppies posted online as available for adoption. I sent him there first thing the next morning! We had intended to just adopt the male, but the two were inseparable and the girl has some serious anxiety when her brother is too far away. So with an extremely brief look at each other and a shrug, we adopted both. We cannot believe someone surrendered a pair of pure Basenjis to the Humane Society, and can only think they really didn't know what they were in for. But still! Oh well, they are ours now and we are overjoyed!

    We had a Basenji/Terrier mix before and at the time we thought he was pretty Terrier-esque. After adopting these two hellhounds (said with much affection), we now realize he was a LOT more Basenji than we thought! At least we know what we were getting into!

    May I introduce you to Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Petme.


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