Hello from the Deep South (of England)

  • Just recently came across this forum, and was asked to introduce myself.
    I got my first Basenji in 1982, and have been showing ever since. I've also shown Borzoi, my second love, and enjoy judging both breeds and others in the Hound group. I've judged up to BIS at open show level and award CCs in Basenjis, I've had the great privilege to judge specialties in three countries. For my sins, I've just taken up the Secretaryship of the Basenji Owners and Breeders Association after six years on the Committee.
    Currently I have four Bs, Ruby (14), Bryn, my US import b/w (6), his granddaughter Ezri and her cousin Keiko (both 16 months, aaarrgh!).
    I look forward to taking part though I tend to be fairly quiet on forums etc., not enough hours in the day!

  • Welcome to the Forum!

  • Welcome to the forum!


  • Houston

    Welcome to the forum, I understand how it is with hours, and not enough of them, escpecially with 4..wow.

    Good to have you onboard.


  • Welcome. I've found this forum extremely interesting and I'm sure you will too.

  • Welcome to the forum. We look forward to your expertise. I've them since 1975, getting another new youngster tomorrow.

  • Welcome to the forum! We've met eachother in Germany 😉

  • Hey Borbasuk! Glad you could join us! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with your kids. I remember seeing Bryn as a young man before he left and he sure looked lovely. Now I get to see his son David all the time, Sharon's just about an hour away. And just met another, Arrow, a few weeks ago! Wow, you can certainly see daddy in them. 🙂

    BTW, I wanted to send along a collective congrats to you on all that you've accomplished with Bryn and his kids. I keep meaning to write, but time always escapes me. So a big hearty congrats to you and Bryn! And looking forward to hearing more about Ezri and Keiko. 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum!!!!

  • Hi and welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find it very interesting and also have a wealth of expertize to contribute to it. 🙂

  • Thank you all for the welcome. And congrats on your new baby Nobarkus, how exciting.
    I think my teenage Basenjis would be sniggering quietly at any delusions of expertise 🙂

  • Kiroja, thanks for your kind words: David looks like a super boy from his pics and I was very happy with Arrow when I saw him on the Texas DVD; he's a real chip off the block, though he clearly gets his brains from his mother! Bryn's quite the couch potato these days and happy to leave the showgoing to the youngsters.

  • Hi, nice to see more UK members too. As a new Basenji owner, i've found the forum really useful. Loads of information, advice, photos and stories which i think is fab.


  • Welcome to our pack and we look forward to hearing about some of your experiences with the "beasties".

  • Welcome to the forums, can't wait to see photos!:D

  • Hello from Shelley,
    i'm new to this forum but enjoying every minuit spent here. Four Basenjis, lucky you !

  • First Basenji's

    Yes, welcome, you and your family! Do I dare imagine the world you share with 4? and two young ones…..bet it has gotta be fun! Do they mind you (most) of the time? How did you keep the attention span at a show?????? Or at the least, what did you find the best behavior reward to get what YOU wanted??

  • First Basenji's

    Wow, how did you capture that photo of Bella at a yodel!? great!

  • Well, it's been quite a fun ride with the girls; it's not the first time I've had two the same age and gender, but it seems harder work this time, probably because I am older! Certainly it's been a bit of a disadvantage in the ring because of having to rush from bench to ring and back again and it can be a bit harder to get them to settle, Ezri is still inclined to ring antics on the move. I've done this before too, with Ruby and my Kiri who I lost in 2006, but they were four years apart in age. I'm very grateful to the people who have been roped in to holding one for me at ringside!
    When it gets a bit hectic and they are running rings round me I just take a deep breath and remind myself that I'm blessed to have them. If that doesn't work a stiff G&T usually does the trick.

  • Houston

    Good for you, GT's are good.


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