• I am from UK. Glad to be here. I have no dog atm but would love to own a basenji.

  • @doggylover said in Hello:

    would love to own a basenji.

    I learned about a lot of small(er) breeds when I was getting ready to bring a new pup home. The thing that tipped the scales for me was finding out that Basenji's don't bark. What made you decide on a Basenji?

  • First of all, they don’t bark as you said, the ‘yodelling’ is fantastic, they have a short coat, and they’re a one owner dog that loves exercise, so I watched some videos, did some research and loved them!

  • They might not bark, but they can, it is just not a bark like many dogs. It is a single or two that sounds like a "boof".... however they make all other dog noises and then some.

  • @doggylover But have you ever met any ? Where are you because I welcome visitors (especially now we are allowed to meet in the woods !) to come and meet the boys and ask questions. Email me privately.

    Not all of them yodel - not by any means. But silent they ain't !!!

  • I own five basenjis. Two yodel until you have a headache and my female barks. She always did. Short clipped barks. I also researched the breed before getting my first and she is an excellent dog. My third basenji was a handful. Three years later and he has stopped his destructiveness etc. It was a hard three years. Lol. You never know with a basenji. Greatest breed. Loyal, active, funny but some require ALOT of patience.

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