• hello, my name is Alan and i live with 2 very awesome basenjis ramses and cleo. i found this forum and just had to sign up. i have had ramses a tri color male since he was 3 months old, and we recently just rescued cleo. she escaped from a puppy mill and has the scars to prove it, but she is coming along great not after 3 weeks home with me. for some reason she loves to cuddle with me but not my girlfriend. lol. ramses is the best thing that ever happened to me, he is like an extension of me. he is the most friendly outgoing dog ever, any person that comes over instantly falls in love with ramses. having them both tested for fanconi soon . hello again and ask away!:rolleyes:

  • Hello and welcome! 😃 Good, that you've found us 🙂
    Cool names for your Basenjis! Looking forward to see photos of them 😉

  • Welcome to the forum!

  • Houston

    Alan, Welcome you you and your lovely sounding pack..they both sounds like very special B's..we would love to see pictures, as I am sure you probably already know.

  • Welcome Alan, girlfriend, Ramses and Cleo. It's great of you to rescue Cleo. I'm sure she's very happy to get the heck outta there. Post some pics as we would love to see them.

  • Welcome all! As for your Cleo and girlfriend matter, sometimes, rescues associate certain things with bad experiences. Cleo may associate your girlfriend with her caregiver-woman took care of her at the puppy mill, your girlfriend is female.

  • Welcome to the forum, great names for your Basenjis. Please post some pics soon

  • Welcome gald you found us.

    Rita Jean

  • Welcome to our pack.

  • hey everyone im having trouble posting pics of ramses and cleo , any help?

  • Hi from GA - Whereabouts in FL are you located?

  • Alan, have a look in forum help, there are some sticky threads describing how to put pics on. Sorry i cant help you myself as i seem only able to put thumbnails on my threads

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