Hello from the Central Valley

Hi there. I was rescued by my (I think) Basenji-mix, Copper, in March. He is about 1-year old now (the vet thinks). After some comments at the pet store and doing more research, I am pretty certain he is mostly Basenji. He definitely has the behavior traits!

As I learn more about Basenji's, I am more in love with them! If/when my housing situation permits, Copper will get a new friend. Until then, we enjoy our jog/walks, the dog park, daycare and just running the B-500 at home.

So happy to have found you all. I hope to get an album of my distract-o-pup up soon.

Welcome to you and Copper.


Welcome onboard. 🙂

Welcome..photos please…

Welcome welcome! I love how you said that YOU were rescued by Copper. 🙂 I believe rescue dogs are special and will come into someone's life when THEY need rescuing.

And yes, we love seeing pictures here!

I am not quite sure about his mix, with the longer body. I think his tail may have been broken near the base early on but…

Here are a few pics.

Looks more like a doxie mix… but then Doxie's are hound also..... very cute

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