Hello from Florida

Hi everyone! I am very new to the world of Basenjis. I recenty got engaged to a man who has a 6 yr old Basinji named Kitiara (along with a German Shepard- Usha and a Golden Retriever- Amber). When you add my cat- Jewel Kitty to the mix, we have quite the family! I am very interested in learning everything I can about the breed and look forward to recieving lots of good advice. I have the feeling that I am in for quite an adventure! We just moved into a new house and as soon as I can find my camera I will post some pics.

Hello & welcome to the wonderful world of the Basenji forum πŸ™‚

What part of Florida do you live in? There are several Floridian members on this site.

We live in Jacksonville.


We live in Jacksonville.

Oh ok. You're up north! I live in Palm Bay (by Melbourne) which is about an hour southeast of Orlando πŸ™‚

Cool. I've been to Melbourne once. It's a lovely part of the state!

Hello and welcome!!!

Welcome to the forum….......it's a Florida invasion!!!:D

Enjoy, good information and a few laughs as well.

Pics of your B when you can.;)

Welcome! Looking forward to seeing and hearing about your brood!

Another welcome from Tampa here. Have you had the dogs to Dogwood Park? It is an amazing 26 acre fenced dogpark in Jacksonville with a huge pond, we planned a vacation a couple of years ago so we could stop there for an evening for our 3 to play. It really is great, and open to non-members on weekends for a very small fee.

This is a great place to learn about basenjis, the good and the bad. They are cat-like in personality, very clean and incredibly smart. You are in for some fun!

Anne in Tampa

Another welcome to the forum! You'll find it's lots of fun, some tears, lots of great tips, and very addicting πŸ™‚

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