Hello from the Deep South (of England)

  • Hi, nice to see more UK members too. As a new Basenji owner, i've found the forum really useful. Loads of information, advice, photos and stories which i think is fab.


  • Welcome to our pack and we look forward to hearing about some of your experiences with the "beasties".

  • Welcome to the forums, can't wait to see photos!:D

  • Hello from Shelley,
    i'm new to this forum but enjoying every minuit spent here. Four Basenjis, lucky you !

  • First Basenji's

    Yes, welcome, you and your family! Do I dare imagine the world you share with 4? and two young ones…..bet it has gotta be fun! Do they mind you (most) of the time? How did you keep the attention span at a show?????? Or at the least, what did you find the best behavior reward to get what YOU wanted??

  • First Basenji's

    Wow, how did you capture that photo of Bella at a yodel!? great!

  • Well, it's been quite a fun ride with the girls; it's not the first time I've had two the same age and gender, but it seems harder work this time, probably because I am older! Certainly it's been a bit of a disadvantage in the ring because of having to rush from bench to ring and back again and it can be a bit harder to get them to settle, Ezri is still inclined to ring antics on the move. I've done this before too, with Ruby and my Kiri who I lost in 2006, but they were four years apart in age. I'm very grateful to the people who have been roped in to holding one for me at ringside!
    When it gets a bit hectic and they are running rings round me I just take a deep breath and remind myself that I'm blessed to have them. If that doesn't work a stiff G&T usually does the trick.

  • Houston

    Good for you, GT's are good.


  • Hi! and welcome lots of great things are here to read and wonderful pictures. B's are great fun well most of the time.

    Rita Jean

  • Hello & welcome!
    Nice to see you here:D

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