Greetings from Italy and request advice for my Basenji

  • Hello everyone, I am Alessandro and I am a 24 year old Italian boy, I live near Venice. I decided to write to ask for advice, since in Italy veterinarians and other basenji owners do not know help me.
    My basenji is called Jakal, is a male of 1 year.
    A week ago, have appeared on the neck at its white spot a series of small protrusions (such as small insect bites), also at the hairline between its hind legs and abdomen (the inside) the has formed a zone on both sides equally for reddening, and he began to lick often.
    Monday I took him to the veterinary and she told me that it is most likely a food intolerance, so I did buy the series "Hipoallergenic" by royal canin and a lotion for inflamed parts of the inner thigh (currants pet), forbidding him to eat other things outside of these biscuits for a week and see how the situation develops. I'm sure there has been stung by other insects.

    I wanted to ask you if you or somebody in the forum is such a thing ever happened and eventualemnte as you did, I'm a bit worried because (as we see a bit from these pictures) Today these small tumors are more developed and jakal still tries to scratch more.
    You think may be a reaction to the new kibble or a delayed reaction to things that I did not eat until a few days ago? (in addition to fodder boiled chicken, boiled rice with a little extra v. oil, boiled vegetables, some bits of grit every now and then, a few pieces of bread or the like).

    thank you very much for your help and sorry for my English that is not very clear!
    best regards

  • Is the food you are feeding him grain free?

    Also if you are feeding a restricted diet for allergies he can not eat anything but that if you want to see if diet is the cause of his issues. It takes a while to see results if it is the food, but he should definitely show improvement after a few weeks if not there is a different cause for the reaction.

    Has anything changed in his environment recently. New collar, new shampoo, new bedding…anything like that?

    You could actually have him tested for allergies as well that way you would know what he is allergic to if that is the cause of his skin trouble.

  • What was his previous food and did you open a new bag just prior to his skin issues appearing? Moth, there is grain in Royal Canin Hypoallergenic. I concur, test for allergies if there seems to be no other explanation. Could be a food allergy or a contact allergy, or an allergy to something else recently introduced into his environment. I know dogs that are allergic to tree pollen who start having trouble at this time of year.

  • Do you have any pictures that are close-up of the bumps? Are they oozing or *****?

    Haha ok the word I put there I guess could have been misconstrued for something different….but I mean to ask if it was pussing.....

  • Not clear from the photos but it does seem like an allergy to me but it might not necessarily be diet. Has he been in a new environmrnt? Have there been any changes at all for him?

    Have you checked with his breeder?

  • Not clear from the photos but it does seem like an allergy to me but it might not necessarily be diet. Has he been in a new environmrnt? Have there been any changes at all for him?

    Have you checked with his breeder?

    Welcome to the forum to you both

  • Welcome Alessandro, your English is excellent. Food allergies often show up in the form of a raised rash, or bumps, but so can allergies to other things like plants. I'm sure you are very worried about him, it doesn't seem to be "a basenji thing" but rather an allergy that any dog could have so your vet can treat him like any other dog, for the allergies. Do you have Benedryl (diphenhydramine, I think it's spelled), that might work if it is an allergy to something in the environment. It is a very mild drug, we give 25 mg every 6 or 8 hours for a few days. Of course consult with your vet!

    Good luck, it is sad to see your dog suffer and feel helpless.

  • If he is doing a lot of scratching and chewing at the area, you might want to get an Elizabethan collar for him. He will hate it, but it should help keep him from mutilating himself. I have used one when my guy had a rash. After awhile I could leave it off when I was around and if he started scratching I would hold up the collar as a threat and he would stop. 🙂

  • Good morning, first of all thanks to everyone for the advices!!
    his previous food was "adult" always the royal canin, but ow I had suggested that the coach gave me also gave him the pieces of boiled chicken, boiled vegetables and boiled rice and even pieces of parmesan cheese Italian non-fat but high protein.
    never had this reaction before a week ago and when I took it from her veterinarian told me that if one week of diet food "hypoallergenic" does not solve anything then we will do allergy testing.

    It seems strange that after a year that I have not changed food has only just happened.

    I ask you another opinion, here in Italy in the last two weeks to prevent the heavy snowfall (not occurred) the municipality has sprayed on roads and sidewalks a lot of salt (industrial processing). can you think that after the walks, licking his paws, he may have ingested the substances present in the compound of salt?

  • Welcome!
    I can see a few small bumps on him that may look like hives, but, it may just be the picture. Is there any chance you can take pictures of the bumps? I agree it could very well be bug bites. Have you been anywere around the time he got the bumps? Can you recall the day you saw them or the day just before that? Did you go anywhere or do anything different? I don't know if a food allergy could actually give him the bumps you are explaining which is why we need pictures of them. Has the vet tried any antihistamines with him? I know you said you have some creme, but did she give you any medications for him to ingest? Sorry for all the questions, but sometimes things are not as clear as what you might think!

  • Jakal is a very handsome Basenji boy! 😉
    I agree with everyone else…. a closer photos of the bumps would be helpful. From afar it kinda looks like hives, but I can't be sure. I'm sure someone will be able to help!

    Also, Royal Canin has grains in it which many many dogs are sensitive to. I gave it to my Basenji when she was little, but after a few months I could tell it wasn't really working for her. It is not really the best dry food in general. Have you thought about Orijen? I know you can get it there, it has no grain - only meat and vegetables. I find that sight hounds like Basenjis do excellent on this high protein zero grain diet.

    I found it here for Italy:

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