Intro - and request for advice - vomiting

I got my 5 year old Basenji, Jack, from the Basenji Rescue folks in Florida last January, and of course I'm totally in love with him. Yesterday he threw up his breakfast (undigested) a few hours after he ate; I wasn't too concerned. I've had many dogs and I think all of them had such incidents from time to time, and I recall Jack has up-chucked once or twice. But he did the same thing again today. So I called my vet and they said they were overbooked and to just give him some boiled chicken and call on Monday if he's still having problems. He doesn't seem at all sick – normal as can be.

I just now gave him a little helping of boiled chicken with rice, and put in a little calcium cabonate (antacid). He thought it was odd food but ate it happily.

I'm concerned he might have an obstruction -- do Basenji's get hairballs (bezoars) very often? He does groom himself quite a lot; my cats are always upchucking hairballs and they seem to deal with it just fine, but so far I haven't seen much online about whether it's common for Basenjis, and if it will just right itself. Any advice?


Don't know about hairballs, never really heard of them getting them

One of my Basenjis has always had issues with vomiting and seems sensitive to food coloring and food with beef in it. You might need to play with his food some to see if it is better, assuming the vet doesn't find an obstruction. We also find that feeding them twice a day helped mine keep her food down.

We have another B that started vomiting her food right after eating, then would eat it and keep it down. Vet could find nothing so we took her to the Vet School and they found nothing either and recommended giving her Pepcid about 30 minutes before eating and that has worked great.

There is a health issues forum, so you might try there also

They do not get hair balls…., as long as he is drinking water, not dehydrated and eating the chick and rice (use white rice as easier to digest then brown rice), I would see if he keeps that down. If he is, I would keep him on that for 3 or so days, then add back in his normal food over 2 days or so. And a pepcid once a day also...

What are you feeding him normally? Many times you can get a bag of food that is bad or have a bag go bad. If he is keep the chicken and Rice down, I would suggest you get a new bag of food

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