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I have purchased long distance in the past, but that was when I was well established in Dobermans and knew who's who at the zoo. I'd rather not purchase long distance for my first basenji purchase. That said, I'm not stuck on having to buy right in Ontario. I've been looking at Michigan / NY / Ohio / Pennsylvania / Kentucky, etc. I'm not in a hurry. I'm going to take the time to try to get to know who's who in this breed so I can make an informed purchase. But thanks for your response!

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I have loved the look of basenjis for many years, more than I care to admit! Thanks very much to my grade 4 teacher who turned me on to the book, Good-Bye, My Lady. My grandfather was a hunter who always kept a black and tan coonhound and a Brittany spaniel so my teacher thought I would enjoy Good-Bye, My Lady. How right she was!

I've been a Doberman owner since 1981. Have owned many over the years (just 3 currently), shown them, finished champions, trained them, finished several obedience and rally titles, bred several litters and produced dogs titled in conformation, obedience, rally, nosework, agility, barn hunt and lure coursing. I've been the secretary of my local all-breed club for many years.

With all of this dog experience and knowing the right places to look for puppies (national breed club breeder referral, for eg), I'm still finding it difficult to find a basenji breeder! I've been finding that links to websites are dead, websites are horribly out of date (no litters planned for 2012, for eg), etc. I wasn't expecting it to be hard to find a breeder! That said, I see that there is a basenji specialty in my area in a few months so hopefully I can talk to some breeders there. I'm in Ontario, Canada fwiw.

In the meanwhile, I joined this forum and am doing some reading up on the breed to augment things I've learned about them over the years. Am also trying to look at various websites and study the standard. I see the win pictures but am not seeing yet what makes a basenji great like I can do with a Doberman. I can see in an instant whether a Doberman is a good one or not, but not there yet with a basenji.

Thanks for having a basenji forum. I've learned a lot on the various Doberman forums over the years.

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