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whilest i agree with quite a bit of what you have stated i think we must all not forget the basenji is a pack animal in the first instance.
i have a number of entire dogs & bitches who all run as a pack a few squabbels now and again not that oftern however if im walking one of mine he /she will be ok but with more than one being walked the 'pack' mentality sets in and though thay may not attack the other dog (dog/bitch) they will stand over it growl etc to show pack seniority

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you do mean starting with 'A'
i know other breederd use this but with a theme i.e.
'A' litter theme Books
we personilly do neither just as the mood takes us, just when thay are playing around etc we get an idea for a name then it evolves
let me explain one of our bitches is called widget as she was the smallest in the litter at the time, that name stuck so her call name is widget but it went from there to houte coture as in designers, so the whole litter ended up with names such as made to mesure that type of thing hope that helps
if not there is a web site with 1000's of dog names pet but it is a starting point

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There is a Basenji Bibliography of a majority of books in print & out new & old
if my memory serves me right it is on the BCoA web site.
it is worth having a look as you might find somthing your particully intrested in.

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Hi I live in England with my partner we show, breed & Judge Basenjis, we are members of all 3 basenji Clubs in England and i am a member of the BCoA
we are also on the basenji show e-mail list as well as the eu basenji show list.

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