• Good evening to all! First of all I would like to ask you to forgive my English: I am Italian and many sentences will certainly be wrong. 😞
    I have been a passionate owner of dogs for a long time and I currently have a female German shepherd and a big male tabby.
    Following a "love at first sight" encounter in the Austrian Alps with a breeder I began to get passionate about this particular breed and in February I will become the owner of a basenji (female or male I don't know yet).
    I have long been a "spy"on this forum and have used it for advice and opinions which I carefully record.

    I am happy to be part of this community. What do you think of the trio that will be set up in February? do you think there will be problems? Thank you all for the answers, Ciao!

  • Welcome aboard !

  • I'm assuming you are getting a puppy? That should make things go easier with your existing pets. With luck everyone will get along, but when the Basenji reaches maturity it's possible you may have dog aggression issues, particularly with same sex. Something you won't know until it happens.

  • Welcome...

  • hi at all, yes eeeefarm, i'll getting a puppy. Better a male with a pre-esistent female sheperd? i can still choice the sex of the puppy.

  • Personally I would opt for the male in your situation, although you never know. But in my experience Basenji males are less difficult and less likely to hold a grudge than the girls. A breeder I know comparing the sexes once said "the males are very sweet, but the bitches are such bitches!" My girls were definitely tougher than my boys, but that is anecdotal evidence. I do know that once a female has made up her mind that she dislikes another bitch she is unlikely to change. And just because that other female is bigger than her won't dissuade her if she takes a dislike. I did have two female Basenjis together, the older seven years when I got the younger as a pup, but I was lucky and they bonded like mother and daughter, so I never had an issue. You could be lucky and have a similar result, but if you're open to either sex I think the male is a safer choice.

  • Most all breeders will/do recommend boy/girl... While you can luck out with girl/girl if problems start it is very, very unlikely that they will get alone after that... and fights will flare up at anytime... males not so much. As we say, it works till it doesn't. I would suggest as a breeder that you go for a male pup in your situation

  • Welcome to the group. You are going to love being a Basenji owner (or more properly, the willing slave of a Basenji!) They are great dogs...especially if you have a good sense of humor!!!

  • @tanza said in Future Basenji Owner in Italy:

    I would suggest as a breeder that you go for a male pup in your situation

    I'd always recommend a new-comer to the breed to have a boy.

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