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Hello. I have been asked to introduce myself.

I live with 9 Basenjis and sheep unnumbered. I have been involved with the breed since the 40s (shows how old I am). The Basenjis ages range from 4 (year 5) to 14 (year 15).

A friend suggested I join the site so I came to have a look and stayed to register!

I have read many interesting posts and its good to know that so many of us are addicted to the breed.

Nine?! Two's about all I can handle right now! I think you will enjoy this forum. People here have lots of great pics, tons of knowledge & super fun stories. Welcome! 🙂

Hello and welcome:D

Hi and welcome to the list… being around the breed for that many years... I am sure there is much you have to share with the rest of us

Welcome to our pack! And oh my god - 9 beasties! Can you tell us more about them or some of them please.

WOW! Do you use the basenjis to herd the sheep? I took my boys herding once; they really seemed to enjoy it.

i just joined the group too.
WOW 9 Basenjis, my husband can't believe it. He found our one boy hard work. We have just lost ours, but in time i hope to have another, need to work on my husband a bit, lol,

Welcome and congratulations on keeping your sanity! LOL I have three B's and two others. While two are great, the third keeps you hopping!

Welcome, Patty - and to your NINE B's - I'll bet they keep you young! I'm much more active since I got my one basenji, who is only 4 months! I'm hoping to just survive her puppyhood - you must have scores of knowledge to share so it's great to see you have joined our forums! Got any pictures of your B's? Do Basenjis herd? My puppy just seems to want to chase and eat everything!

Hi and welcome.

I just have my one beautiful baby… but i do get the feeling they might be addictive! 9 must be lovely!

Welcome to the forum! Nine! Wow! 🙂

Welcome to the forum!

Hello & welcome from Canada.


Hello Patty, and welcome. You must have been one of the very early UK people to get involved. A true font of knowledge for everyone here. 9 of the breed must keep you very young!:) Are they like a real pack?


Hello Patty and 9 Basenjis! We're glad to have you aboard and look forward to your stories and advice.

hi! welcome! 🙂

Nine!?!?! That's awesome!!
Can't wait to see pics and hear all your stories!!
How did you get your first B?

Welcome! Living with 9 must be wonderful, I lived with 5 once and loved it. Your life sounds very lovely.

Hello and Welcome to the forum!!

0 B's!! wow!!!!! I'm so jealous!

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