• Just kind of keeled over this morning, a couple of minutes after getting up. She lay on her side, and began 'peddling' with her front legs. She didn't look to be in any pain, and it lasted perhaps 20 seconds, then she got up, ate her breakfast and my husband took her for a walk! She has been fine all day! Obviously I am going to take her to the vets tomorrow, but has anyone elses Basenji behaved like this? She is nine this Christmas by the way. Thanks.

  • Are you sure she was awake and not just having a puppy dream? We have not experienced exactly what you have but we have seen leg movement before and even had other breeds that would bark in their sleep.


  • Hi Jason, No, she was definitely awake, as she had got up and walked across the kitchen floor just before it happened. Thanks BJ

  • As hesitant as I am to suggest it, from what you describe it almost sounds like a mini stroke or seizure. I am sure your vet will be able to sort it out tomorrow.

    Good luck and keep us posted.


  • http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?c=2+2105&aid=433

    Here is a link about Epilepsy in dogs. While not typically a Basenji affliction, it is in other breeds and I have known Basenjis to have Epilepsy. Have you asked your B's breeder if there have been others related with any problems?

  • It does sound like epilepsy. A good friend of mine has a chocolate lab that has epilepsy and when she has a seizure, her legs are definitely "running". The first time I saw it happen, I had no idea what was going on. It basically looked like she was sleeping but having quite a dream…I think her eyes were partially open. Luckily her owner was there to tell me what was happening. All we did was put something soft under her head because she was on a hard surface. After the seizure was over, the only way you could tell that Bailey had a seizure was that she was very thirsty. Otherwise, she was as playful and hungry as normal.

  • Was she walking funny before she keeled over? My parents had a schnauzer who was diagnosed with epilpsy at age 1 or 2 and he would just fall over with a seizure. If my mother wasn't around and he knew a seizure was coming on, he would try to find her and his gait would be stiff legged. He did live to be about 14 years old when he was finally put to sleep due to other problems associated with old age. So it is manageable and isn't a death sentence.

    good luck,

  • Good luck, do let us know what the vet says.

  • Definately vet visit ASAP.

    I would be hesitant to suggest anything until the vet has looked at Polly as it could get you in a panic about nothing.

    Hope all goes well at the vets today though.

  • Hope it all works out okay - keep us posted.

  • If it happens again and you have a way to video tape it, do so. You can show the video to your vet to help with diagnosis and treatment.

  • How is Polly?

  • Well, the vet took blood from Polly (and she was as good as gold, never even flinched - bless!), and the good news is that the test results are fine, also the urine sample that my husband chased her around the garden for was fine too!! However, the vet has said that it was probably some kind of fit/seizure and that she could have an MRI scan, however, as she has only had one of these 'episodes', I am loathe to go down that route unless they occur regularly. So, fingers crossed it won't happen again. Polly is fine, her usual self. Thanks to everyone for your support. Will try to post some pix in the near future! BJ x 🙂

  • Hi,
    hope you have managed to get Polly sorted out. Our Basenji started having fits which were caused by a liver problem. His condition was managed by drugs. When he had a fit he actualy barked first before dropping to the floor. He survived to the ripe old age of 14 1/2.

  • Good luck, Polly (and family). Prayers of good thoughts sent your way from my Ty and Kate.

  • I am sorry this has happened to you and Polly, Basenji seizures are so not fun and pretty scarry. Our elder basenji got them from old age/renal failure. He got where he could feel them coming on and would try to almost run away from them. We got to read his body language but one would slip in without warning every now and then. He did live till `15 1/2

  • My blk/wht used to have seizures occasionally up to about age 4. She was so wired up and excitable that the vet said her brain electrical functions would misfire. She get wobbly and throw up then be fine. It stopped after she started mellowing out.

  • How old is Polly?

  • Polly is 9 this Christmas. Dec 14th to be exact!

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