• My Zoe is 4 months old and getting bigger, how long will it be before people stop asking if she is a chihuahua? Has anyone else had people think their young B was a chihuahua? lol. Honestly she looks nothing like those little dogs not to knock those of you who own one but I dont think they are very pretty at all. here is a picture of zoe and a picture of a chihuahua must be litter mates right? I dont know, but almost everytime I take her out for a walk there is at least one person who asks if she is a chihuahua. Just last night some girl comes up and said what a cute chihuahua she is!!!! ugh!!!

  • Yeah they must be litter mates.:) No i have never had any one say a young b looks like a chi. On the other hand i do have people ask me all the time if my 5yr old b is a Jack Russel! I dont think he looks anything like a jack russel.:)

  • Haha.. well.. there are prettier Chi's out there than this one 😃 But I have to agree.. They do not look alike 😃

    Your Zoe looks very pretty btw! 🙂

  • @simba's_mom:

    Yeah they must be litter mates.:) No i have never had any one say a young b looks like a chi. On the other hand i do have people ask me all the time if my 5yr old b is a Jack Russel! I dont think he looks anything like a jack russel.:)

    Yes I get that too lol I dont see it there either. Dont they have short legs and stocky bodies. Not sure the ones I have seen around here look chubby and zoe plays with a jack/rat terrier mix.

  • Only other breed that someone has mentioned about my B is a Shiba Inu. But that is rather understandable considering they do look similar.

  • My dogs have been misidentified as quite a number of things.

    Baby Boxer

    Look mom, baby deer!

    Does that border collie mix have some basenji in it?

    Is that one of those Jack Russell terriers?

    That's an Akita, right?


  • My neighbors who live across the street have a Chihuahua that is leggy and a bit tall for the breed. She is colored and marked exactly like a red/white Basenji. People walk down the street and on more than one occasion people have stopped to ask me if she is one of my dogs' puppies. Sheesh. :rolleyes:

  • We saw a big red chihuahua one day at the park and from a little distance, it did look like a basenji with a loosely curled tail. Not those little palm sized chis!

    We get the Jack or Rat terrier question most often.

  • Shango ALWAYS gets mistaken for a Jack Russel. I'm like, Nope. Not a terrier- he's actually quiet! 😉

  • There are a lot of people at the dog park here (kids and adults) who think Medjai is a chihuahua which always surprises me as there are a lot of chihuahuas which are a third Medjai's size.

  • My cousin has a Chihuahua mix (found her in a parking lot i believe), looks JUST like Mia when she was a puppy. I showed her a pic and the resemblence was rediculous. Chihuahuas are all different though, not all look like rats. I'd say a really young B pup might look like one but definately not one older than 6 months or so.

  • We've gotten a whole range of things… rat terrier, chi, akita, shiba inu (a vet!! eeek!), jack russel...etc. Thank gosh Basenji's don't have the Chi eyes!! Ewwww!! 😉

  • Only happened once someone asked if Maya was a pure bred chihuahua I was so dumbfounded did not even know what to say! :eek:

  • At a dog show I had a lady get very angry at me for shaving my Chow Chow…

  • I've noticed b/w basenjis seem to really throw people off since I've gotten one. Someone at PetSmart asked if Zoni was an australian sheperd puppy! :eek: Otherwise, I usually get Shiba Inu with Nemo which is at least more similar than Chihuahua. And the local shelter even listed a basenji as a Shiba Inu one time. Uhmmm, no.

  • Has anyone gotten this one before???

    Is that a Corgi Mix?!?!?!?!!:rolleyes:

  • Actually, if you look at pics of the Corgi's and Basenji's newborns… they do favor each other. If only those Corgis would grow into their legs, LOL!!!;)

  • So far the people who have asked me about Shaye simply ask me what kind she is because they never saw one like her before. There are a whole lot of people who are more informed now than they ever were, and many have asked me where they can get one because she looks so great - like all her kind - I refer them to BRAT.

  • same here, shaye's mom–most people just ask what my girls are because they've never seen a dog look like them before....

  • Numerous times I had my 2 out for walks and people asked if they were Chihuahua or Fox terrier. "Basenji"?? It was always great to educate them especially when they at first would say "it's clean, doesn't bark and is the perfect size for my elderly mother who lives in an apartment". "Oh no no no, there's more to it than that".

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