An evening with grandparents!

My parents spent their first evening babysitting Sonny & Julio (the Chihuahua) at the same time..I returned from my evening out to find my mother on the couch with a basenji & Chihuahua wrestling for the prime spot on her lap…..and my father in the hallway nailing down the carpet. It seemed the dogs had spent the last 2 hours chasing each other around the house sending the hallway carpet flying when Sonny would round the corner at full speed...often 7 pound Julio would go flying with it :D:D My mother told me she loves her four legged grandkids but she finds the 1 year old human to be less work!!! :eek:

Sounds like the 2 are having a great time together! As far as the carpet and more work than the grandkids, that's what happens when you put an African dog with a Mexican dog.:D

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