Too Hot Even For A Basenji!

Dolce and I went for a walk today in the middle of the afternoon. With a heat index well over 100 degrees she was panting like a crazy in the first few minutes of our walk. Then she did something completely unexpected, she dove into patch of tall grass all four legs extended and just laid there. The grass was a :)little wet from the rain the night before and probably felt very cool to her. She would not move for about 5 minutes just looking up at me as if to say "man its hot I'm just going to lay here, pick me up on your way back"!

lol JONNY does that too. He is a tri. He gets even hotter than us with his black coat. He usually does this under a shade tree. And he does NOT move until he is good and ready. So I just take a time out too. It is sooooo funny.

Lucy (6 year old r/w female) did that today!! Would not move till she had cooled off. VA is very hot & humid this Summer. Come on Fall!!

😃 pity you didn't get a pic

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