BRAT rescue & 2 year old Chihuahua

  • I have a party every May for my birthday/excuse to have a party.

    Every year people bring dogs and every year it's ok. We figure out who likes who and who needs to stay away from who, etc… I have a 10 year old B girl that I've had since she was 8 weeks and she gets along with everyone.

    This year my 5 year old BRAT boy, Hunter (who I've had since he was 1 1/2), WENT AFTER the 2 year old Chihuahua, Mijo. Scared the life out of me!!!!! I couldn't stop shaking!!!!

    I knew he'd never met a dog that small and the introduction did not go as planned. It didn't go at all! All of a sudden, there we all were and what is this tiny creature??!!!! Happy to say the Mijo can run like the wind and my friend helped me pin Hunter down so I could grab him.

    He's still sore about being uninvited to the party and being locked in my bedroom all night. He thanked me by pulling my robe off the back of the door and eating the lid off of a cardboard box in my closet but it could've been MUCH worse.

    If you even wonder what your B will do with small dogs, don't wonder! Hunter lives up to his name and he obviously thought Mijo was just a little backyard pest to be dealt with.

    No harm came from this but I profusely apologized to my friend and she is real laid back. I had already told myself that Hunter might have to be locked up. I was right even before the event started.

    Again, please watch your Bs around the little dogs! My 10 year old, Bandit, has seen dogs of every shape & size, Hunter hasn't. And now he won't be!!!!!

  • Sonny's "brother" is a chihuahua 🙂 Yet we can go to the farm where he gets to be off leash and play and he has gone after a 120# great dane…Size does not seem to be his motivating factor! granted I know he can't see but I swear he knows they're a lot bigger then him & it does not seem to matter! lol

  • Boy that brings back memories of puppy school, Kaiser was the second youngest in class but the second biggest and ended up being the biggest as the other dog moved to the next class. His puppy school mates were all tiny fluffy and the first night them all being excited I felt so stressed he was going to eat them and everyone would hate Kaiser. Turned out it was the best thing for him being with the little ones as our trainer was wonderful and supervised and Kaiser learnt yes they are dogs but only small. At the dog park he prefers the big dogs so he may investigate when a small dog comes but most are grumpy and don't want to run so he ignores them.

    Jolanda and Kaiser

  • Both of my first 2 basenjis – I could blame lack of socialization on the 2nd but we got Sayblee at 13 wks and she was already dog aggressive about little ones! --hated most other dogs and particularly little ones.

    Arwen has always been okay with those here, and she will ignore when out, but when she arrived she and her breeders dogs had already killed a poor pekinese that got into their fence. Breeder said with the blood on her, obvious she was part of it at some point.

    Sayblee would go window to window stalking the neighbors mini dachshund they let run loose. I warned them if she EVER got loose, she'd kill it before we could intervene. I was very glad when they got rid of the dog-- for it's own safety and my mental stress. She was great with big dogs, btw. I took her with me to a big rottweiler get together and she was in ecstasy. And she loved puppies.. any breed or size, she loved them. Til they got adult. 😞

  • I have notices with my guy it very much depends how the small dog acts around him. If the little one is confident and relaxed Watson treats them like any other dog and will play. If they are snarky and unsure he can become a little intense and I will step in and redirect him.

    He is always carefully supervised when we go to the dog park…the main place where he encounters other dogs... He enjoys playing with other dogs and is pretty social.

    I am careful not to allow him to meet other dogs while he is on leash since he is a bit leash reactive.

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