Lost my Mo

Oh Marlo, I am so sad for you - poor little Mo - companions are so lucky to find, so easy to love, so hard to lose, and impossible to forget - He is not paralyzed at the Rainbow Bridge.

Thank you for your kind words. Your dog looks like my Mo. He and I were so perfect together. He only wanted food, water, and love. My whole family is grieving, even my husband. I found Mo right before my husband returned from Iraq. He called two days before his scheduled arrival date, and I told him I had a present for him, a dog. I had put Mo in our bathroom, because he had already busted out of my screen window (I purchased him a name tag with phone number.) He tore up our new bathroom, I thought he was a goner, but my husband took one look at his cute face and could not be mad at him.

I am so, so sorry about Mo. I so hoped the outcome would be a happier one. Hugs.


Awww I so sorry for you and your family:(

R.I.P Mo

I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for opening your home and hearts to Mo, I know he must have really appreciated all that you gave him.

My thoughts are with you, I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Very sorry for your loss. But Mo knows he was loved very much. He will also be missed by us all.

So so sorry for your loss.

My 2 b's pee on your best prices every day.
You really have the wrong site.

I am so sorry to hear about Mo. My thoughts are with you…((Hugs))

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