Animal Hero is a basenji

Every day I try to remember to go to the animal rescue site to "click and give". Today I noticed that their animal hero nominee is a basenji in South Africa who alerted the owner to the presence of a large snake and herded the rest of the dogs out of the area. My two would be arguing over who was going to herd whom and the snake would leave out of frustration.

If you go to the site, notice the basenji in the background and what an interesting white marking it has.


Good b!! Thanks for sharing.

Wow, I click there every day but didn't even notice the Hero story. Thanks!

Too awesome, thanks for reminding me to click more often. I am proud of our breed and loved the story of the Basenji, he is such a hero!!!

Just last week I decided to sign up for the daily email reminders to click. Now I remember to click, but I missed this story too. I also got the cutest purple paw print pin free (minimal shipping charge).

I didn't know you could get email reminders, I am going to do that as soon as I get off of the Forums!!!

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