Animal Planet's Breed All About It: Basenji Episode

  • Hey, back in August the Animal Planet's Breed All About It: Basenji episode aired. We had the dvr set to record and wouldn't you know it our cable provider switched the programming and it didn't show. so we missed the episode. I contacted Animal Planet about purchasing the episode. Below is the response I got. As Basenji Owners, I suggest each of us email them using the webform at requesting that it be made available for purchase.:)

    From: Discovery Cust Care []
    Sent: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 7:34 PM
    Subject: Re: Type of Inquiry: Product inquiry (KMM676593I74L0KM)

    Thank you for contacting the Discovery Store. We appreciate your
    interest in our products.

    At this time, Breed All About It Basenji episode is not available for
    purchase at the Discovery Channel Store. A suggestion to offer this
    item for sale has been forwarded to our Management staff for review.

    Please continue to check our website Here you
    will find new and exciting products as they become available for

    A reply to this message is not necessary. If you have any further
    inquiries or comments, please contact us via our webform at or call us at 1-800-889-9950, Monday ?
    Friday 9am to 6pm ET, and we will gladly assist you.

    Thank you for shopping with us and LET'S ALL DISCOVER!

  • I sent them an email, hope it helps as I would love to have that DVD.

  • I did too – for some reason I've never seen this program offered on Animal Planet in my area (at least not during prime time) so have missed what sounds like a good show.

  • Didn't someone start a thread about it, with all- or at least some of the episode on here? I am going to search for it…

  • Went to the link that had been posted but is only 2:45 in length; the entire program with commercials is 60 minutes. probably without commericials it is 30-40 minutes in length and this is what I had requested from animal planet to purchase.

  • I have the episode on VHS which I bought from Animal Planet. It was the only format that they offered it in.

  • Actually, I think all the Breed All About its are 30 minute shows, so probably 22-24 minutes of content.

    We have done a search on any new DVR we have gotten and always keep it on there. One of our dogs goes crazy any time we put it on, it is hilarious.

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