Newbee from Crest Hill, IL.

Hi Everyone, I have shared my life with my girls for eight years..up to Dec of 08 I lost my first beloved Amber it was very hard to lose her.. Leaveing just PeeWee and me my now four year old brat…;);) Ever since we lost Amber my PeeWee has had some issuse maybe I can get some help here??

Thanks Everyone,,

I think the answer would be to get PeeWee a friend…. gggg.... PeeWee is most likely missing Amber....

welcome.. Im with Tanza … and I love the name PeeWee 🙂


I agree with Tanza and Schouiffy… he must be missing a friend!

Welcome and I'm sorry for your loss.

Welcome to our pack and sorry to hear about Amber. Tell us more about PeeWee and ask away. We have hundreds of years of combined experience here.

We would love to help you.

Welcome to the forums, I know you must be missing Amber as is PeeWee. Another Basenji would be nice for him, but how about you???;)

Hello & welcome to the group. Sorry about your loss.


Awe man,, I just want to say thanks to all of you for the great welcome!!! I do have a ton of questions,, I just never knew how to get the answers!! I am so excited to be here!! I want to learn as much as I can about these wonderful well as keeping PeeWee balanced and happy!!!

Welcome and I have to say again this group was a huge help after we lost our girl last year. So many stories and pictures…....hint......hint.

We do have a lot of combined experience and would love to help out with peewee! We also love to see pics it helps us get to know the dogs better.

Welcome to the forum!

Welcome! Love the name!

Welcome. Glad you found the forum (and peewee)

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