• Hi everyone, this looks to be a great forum-very informative, lots of knowledgable people on here. The wife and I are considering getting a Basenji once my 15 year old Lab passes on. He's been a great dog and friend, but is beginning to lose his ability to hold in his crap and urine. His hips are also beginning to give him some issues.

    I'm just hanging out here and gathering as much info as I can about this breed. If we do indeed decide on the Basenji, I want to make sure I get a healthy pup, and make sure we can commit ourselves to raise him to be as wonderful as many of the dogs I read about here on the forums.

    Glad to have registered here, thanks to all for the great information.


    PS: anyone know of any breeders here in Michigan?

  • Matt, welcome. You might also want to consider a basenji rescue.
    If you are set on a puppy, make sure its a quality basenji breeder.
    There are many on this forum.

  • Thanks Sharron. I'm pretty much set on a pup. If circumstances were different here, I would most definately look into a rescue, no doubt. I have 2 cats and parents/siblings that bring their dogs over all the time. I'd like to start fresh with a pup to try and avoid any possible controversy between the animals.

  • Welcome to the list… I would echo... please go to a responsible breeder for a pup, one that health tests for sure... if you want to know how to find a responsible breeder... please visit this link...
    and please read/learn about health problems in our breed and why health testing and going to a responsible breeder is important at www.basenjihealth.org
    and then you can find a responsible breeder at

  • Hello & welcome to the group. Sorry that your old friend is in failing health. You'll find lots of good information here.


  • Matt, welcome, and good to see you doing your homework! 🙂 I am from SE Mich, and can help you out in your search. I only know of one reputable Michigan breeder off the top of my head who has anything right now potentially, but I think even her litter has a waiting list. But there are some potential breeders within driving distance that are also great, so you might still be able to find a good puppy. Most of the time at this point in the breeding season, puppies are usually all spoken for. So you may need to wait until next year to get a good healthy pup from a reliable person.

    Where are you located? You're more than welcome to come get to know some Basenjis and I can help fill you in on things you might want to know about the breed. Also, I wouldn't count out a rescue. Sometimes rescue does get puppies, but also some of their adult dogs have already been "tested" around cats and other dogs due to their former homes or foster homes. At least with an adult usually what you see is what you get. So they can help you find a dog that will meet your needs. With a puppy, it is a good way to go if they need to live in those arrangements, but you still can't guarantee that as they mature they will be accepting of the situation. lol

    We also have a 15 yr old Schnauzer here that is going through what your Lab is. It's heartbreaking to see them decline, but you know at that point that they've lived a long wonderful life.

  • Welcome at the forum!

    Basenji's are great! I know for sure you will find all the information you need about having one!

  • Hello and welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome to our pack - if no pups available (basenjis only breed once a year) you might consider getting a young adult (1 or 2yrs at most) - they tend to be easily adaptable to most situations.

  • Welcome Debo.

    I sincerely hope you have many more happy days with your old boy. Congratulations, 15 years is a long time to share with a home companion. It also makes the loss greater when it comes.

    Keep reading here. A Basenji may turn out to be what you need. (Then again, to be perfectly honest, they're mostly a pain in the a$$ for the first 2-3 years) From what I know, they're the polar opposites of Labs!

    Again, welcome.

  • Thanks everyone for the welcome and advice. I'm definately doing my homework here, not only for my sake, but for the pooch too.

    Kelli, I'm near Saginaw. I will keep you in mind, and your offer to visit as well. THANKS!

  • That is the best thing you can do is to visit personally with Basenjis…. it will really give you a "honest" evaluation of the breed and if this is the breed that is for you and your family...

  • I have lost 2 good friends it's tough. Yet I keep getting more basenjis, a life with them is well worth it!

    Have you looked at BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport)? They do have Basenjis younger than 1 year. BRAT also has good information about the breed.

    You can do a search for "Dogs in Elk". This will give you an inkling of what you can expect to face.

    The "3 foot rule" is something you need to get in a habit of following. If something is under 3 feet it will get eaten.

    Most cats and Basenjis will make a pact. The cats get the high ground and the Basenjis get the floor. Though I had a room mate with 3 cats and one of them was a huge Maine Coon. My Basenjis and the Coon would wrestle and the cat would end up getting tossed about on the hardwood floors like a hockey puck. When the cat hard enough, he would get up slap the Basenjis and walk off.

    Is your current vet experienced with Basenjis. Some vets out here in Boise absolutly will not deal with Basenjis.

  • Thanks. I haven't even spoke with any of my vets yet. But I know there are a few in the surrounding areas that will deal with them.

  • Another thing you should consider is a sighthound (basenjis, pharao hounds, ibizans, whippets, afgahns) sitting co-op. You go out of town, someone sits for you; they go out of town you sit for them.

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