• We had to put our dear Rosco to sleep earlier this week so I still feel I am a basenji parent albeit a grieving one. Rosco was a handsome red and white 13 1/2 year old and though healthy most of his life, in the end had seizures, tremors, and a terrible cough about 1/3 of the time and confirming evidence of heart trouble. He was handsome to the end and a wonderful family member, We love looking at basenji pictures and knowing that other families are learning about the wild, wonderful world of living with a basenji! I have to admit, we do laugh at the questions from "newbies" – "is this normal?" Ha ha! Nothing about basenjis is quite like any other dog! When you look into your basenji's mischievous, warm brown eyes, know that you can only expect the unexpected!

  • Sorry to hear about Rosco, he sounds like he was a wonderful pet, friend and family member.

    Welcome to the forum, enjoy all the fun. Is another in the future plans?

  • Terribly sorry to hear of your loss. Maybe one day you will add another B to the family. I don't know how I ever lived without one.

  • Welcome and I'm sorry for your loss of Rosco…it sounds like he touched your heart like they tend to do. What wonderful memories you must have of him! Please keep us posted on how you are doing...((hugs))

  • Thanks to all for the warm welcome of basenji owners! We're taking a year off of dog ownership to welcome a foster kid. Actually, we would have liked to foster earlier but our basenji boy was not especially fond of kids, and running activity tended to result in him biting someone in the hiney! Our kids, grown now, will definately be basenji owners someday. Don't know whether my husband and I will or not – we loved Rosco but know we got a good basenji, and don't know if we're ready to lose another room full of furniture to break in a new one! Ha!

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