Hello, from Michigan!

Hi! I am a new basenji owner of my 4 month old male puppy Edo. We are in the Washtenaw County area of Michigan if there are any other basenjis near by for meetups or play dates and such! 0_1609262128804_57AF7262-BBA7-41B9-9F6B-B341E559E778.jpeg 0_1609262122674_62113E31-9880-4E9A-82AD-22665ECF9E16.jpeg

@edo_a - What a cutie... care to share his Sire/Dam's names? Many of us are related by our Basenjis.

Lovely! Just like my baby except the color! 0_1609283771664_D64859DB-3DC1-49CD-8D7C-C0802DA51618.jpeg

Adorable adorable. How long have you had him for? He looks like he has a "big" sister or brother.

Tris are always gorgeous - and special. What is the breeding on this special young man ?

@tanza On Edo'd AKC certificate it shows Sire: Knob Hill's Junior (HP59138501 01-21) and Dam: Knob Hill's Karma (HP59317301 01-21)

@donc I have had him for about 6 weeks now! and sadly that is only his friend. No brothers or sisters yet): but hopefully soon!

@zande Thank you! I'm very happy to of gotten a tri. I just listed his sire and dam above but I got him from Breeder Mary Weiss in Texas.

@edo_a said in Hello, from Michigan!:

Knob Hill's Karma

Pedigree shows that both the sire/dam are carriers for PRA, I would highly suggest that you have your pup DNA tested for PRA. Two Carriers can be Afflicted or Carrier. PRA is a affliction that causes late onset blindness so best to know that now. And while the sire/dam show clear for Fanconi, for your peace of mind you should have the DNA done for that also. Each test is 65.00 and well worth the price to know for sure. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly. You can find my email on my website link below. The DNA test is a cheek swab that you order and do yourself. Here is the link for DNA testing, just pick Fanconi and Basenji PRA https://www.ofa.org/diseases/dna-tested-diseases

@edo_a I will add him to the database tomorrow. Give me his name and I can get the rest from the AKC website. But yes you must do the health tests Pat mentioned

@edo_a Her name is Heather. She is about 17 months old.Very sweet and energetic!

i am sitting here smiling at your little one. So cute. We have the same stuffy for our Basenji, too. I can't wait to hear about your life together.

@zande His name is properly spelled with an i rather than an e. So he is registered under Ido!

@edo_a But Edo is the informal spelling as it’s more similar to how it’s pronounced.

@edo_a I found him on the AKC website and he is now in the database. How about emailing me a photo for inclusion ?

I will be re-indexing and re-uploading the d/b later today so you will be able to see his entire pedigree and trace him back to the founders (eventually !)

I searched for any siblings - 02 through /06 but Edo is the only one from that litter registered with the AKC. Hmmm ! Was he indeed the only one in the litter ?

Yes, both parents are clear/normal for Fanconi so that is a relief but it is still better to get him checked 'in case' ! And both are indeed carriers of PRA which means you should instantly get him checked as tanza outlined.

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@daureen said in Hello, from Michigan!:

We have the same stuffy for our Basenji, too.

doodle had the same fox... she killed it! 😃

So sorry to hear about the PRA carriers. As @Zande and @tanza have said, you should get him checked. The good thing is that the odds are in his/your favor.

I don't understand why a breeder would take a chance like this but this may just be me. Of course sometimes there are "accidents".

Such a little cutie! Very nice looking Basenji. And such a clever and fierce hunter to have gotten a fox! 😉

@zande Thank you for adding him to the database for me! He was 1 out of a litter of 6, hopefully some of his siblings will appear soon though. And if you would be able to message me your email address I would be happy to send you a photo to include(: Thank you for your kindness!

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