• We received our Basenji from a friend that had no clue what he was. We were told that he was a 5 month old Min Pin. Vet put him as almost 7 months old, and a Basenji. He has every Basenji trait, mannerisms, etc except he can bark.

    We want to have genetic testing done by a reputable company to verify what Diesel is mixed with. He is up to 18+ pounds now at 9 months old. The older he gets. And the more weight(muscle) that he gains really makes him look more & more like a text book Basenji.
    He has transformed my family.

    I travel the country delivering new RV trailers, and he travels with me. Has been amazing, all whom see him go crazy. He gets treated like a rock star. Quite funny.

    I'll post better pics later.

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