• Hey Everyone,

    My name is Michelle and I'm so excited to have come across this forum! I live in Michigan and am the human slave to 2 little basenjis. One is Tayda (short for Potato) , a female red and white that I got a year and a half ago from a breeder in Kentucky. And the other is Lenny (named after the character from John Steinbecks Of Mice and Men), a male brindle I got from a breeder here in Michigan about 9 months ago.

    More about Tayda and Lenny and a photo in the show off your dog forum.


  • Welcome aboard 🙂 , you have really nice looking basenjis there 🆒

  • Hi Michelle - Welcome to this forum and enjoy. I am also in Michigan - Livonia. I think I met your Howell breeder at the Pet Expo in November. She had a pack of Basenjis with her. That was the first time I saw another Basenji in person. My Basenji Duke was found abandoned last March - so I brought him home. He was about 12 weeks old at the time. Found out his breed when he was 6 mos. old. He is very much like having a small child at home - Our home is Basenji proofed at best. Lenny seems like a handful as well. Your B's are also beautiful.

  • Welcome and very cute pics! Must be Meisterhaus and Kiroja basenjis?

  • Hey Quercus - Yup thats right! one from Meisterhaus and the other from Kelli!

    And Duke - That was in fact Kelli, Lenny's breeder in Howell that was at the Pet Expo… She has a nice pack of dogs... just had new puppies too!

  • Welcome! I'm sure you wil enjoy all this forum has to offer…I know I do!

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