Does your Basenji go umph?

  • When Max is irritated or trying to get your attention he kind of goes umph. It's like a grunt. He is doing it more and more. It's the verbal equivalent of rolling your eyes!!!!! :rolleyes:

  • Yes, my boy does that, now that he is 15+… it is more and more... especially in the mornings... LOL

  • Yes Kiora does this, if she is slightly frusterated or if she has resigned herself to not getting something she has wanted, lol.

  • I get all kinds of noises outta Noobie… crying mournfully snoring. But what does a yodel sound like? LOL Maybe admin could give us an audio link? RECORD YOUR YODEL?

  • Abbey sounds more like "ooofff" when she's annoyed about something.

  • Alani does that but only when you pet her or try to move her when she's sleeping. And she is also a very loud snorer.

  • Gipper snores louder than should be possible! He makes the funniest noises, too- go watch "Blues Clues" and that's exactly how he sounds, intonation and all!

  • aww man!! does he EVER…lol sometimes i think hes doing it to maybe im boring...

  • Yup…lots of "umphs" here!

  • Yes, Jazzy is an "umph"er, esp. when being moved against her will.

    She also snores loudly enough to be heard in other rooms of the house.

    She also "talks" {kind of like a happy growly noise} to us when we return home, but we've never had a yodel.

  • sometimes i have to throw pillows at Jack in the middle of the night bc of his snoring, lol

  • When Lexi yawns, she will sometimes yodel… which sounds like a spanish R being rolled... it's so funny! Otherwise she does her little grunts that sound like you're squishing the air out of her...hahahah.... Miles on the other hand just howls when he's crated (so far). I have video/audio of him doing it but I can't find any website that will host such a big video. Oh well... Maybe I'll get another shorter one sometime.

  • Ours GRRRRRRRRR, BaRRRRooo, bawoof, OOOOOOOUUUUUUU, ZZZZZZZZZZ and of course….ppppsssst.:D Most of the sounds come from the front end.....the last one.......well????

    Ours do woof, but it's not a bark at all.

  • Hahaha…Alani also makes a wide variety of noises. As well as the last one mentioned which is really very funny because every time a little toot comes out she acts like she's completely horrified and embarrased. She'll look all around then at us real quick to see if we noticed.:eek:

  • aww, jack can really be just cruel in that way, and smells are already a BIG thing with me bc im pregnant so when he gets the stinkies…between him and my hubby i need a gas mask...

  • Stinkies, oh ugh.
    Jazzy doesn't have a problem with those anymore. Figured out her trigger was pig's ears. No more porky products for her, no more gas!

  • Funny this topic came up again…just yesterday we were talking about how Chance makes sounds like he is an old man when he breathes. Anytime you move him it sounds like effort on his behalf. Does anyone else hear this too?????

  • Giz Umph's daily. Especially if we are "encouraging" him to get out of our spot on the couch. I get up to go do something and he is like a heat seeking missle, straight for my spot! Sheesh!

  • Hollie umph's too. Sometimes I believe it's that "I'm bored Mom!" umph. And then she will also umph/grunt when you mess with her while she's asleep.

  • I get a sound that sounds so mournful and just like he is saying ohhhhh nooooo it makes me laugh out loud. I get snoring and a little yodel when he is REALLY happy.

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