• Shango's been having me take him outside about ever 45 mins to use the bathroom. Each time he urinates and passes a bowel movement. The BM havn't been solid since yesterday evening. It comes out pure, 100% liquid.

    I've given him a cooked chicken breast to help his digestion, but his BMs are still liquid.

    He isn't acting sick and seems to be just fine, it's just that ever 45 mins or so he'll go and wait by the door and the second we hit outside, he goes. I want to avoid taking a trip to the vet over loose stool if nothing else appears to be wrong. He's not lethargic or anything….just using the bathroom a LOT.

    It's scaring me and I don't really know what to do. Please help!

  • I would head off to the vet as diarrhea (is this spelled like this) can cause huge probs due to the loss of minerals. I have had this with Jester as he has been drinking out of a spot of water outside. This was contaminated with some little "one-celled animals" (don't know how to describe it better and forgot the name), which caused this problem. Jester had to take medications for almost two weeks to get everything working properly again.


  • I would suggest u keep him off ANY food for 24 hrs then give him a bland diet { boiled chicken or beef and rice for 2 to 3 days i usally give mine alittle pepto also Just remember to make sure he stays hydrated u can also put some pedialytle { not sure about spelling there} in his water. to help with hydration they use it for babies. u can get it pretty much at any store .

    I hope Shango feels better soon !!! 🙂

  • i forgot to add if u take him off ANY food for 24 hrs and u notice he is still running to go potty like he is now I would take him to the vet in that case,

  • It was probably Giardia Esther. If you are concerned enough to be scared, take him to the vet if it's not turning the tide (getting solid) in 24 hrs. Esther is right, it is the mineral loss and dehydration that worry us.

  • If he is pooping as often as he pees, I would get him to the vet. Dehydration can turn serious quickly.

  • please let us know how your pup is doing. Hope all is well.

  • Do let us know what the vet says.

  • With that much liquid passing through his system, I would call and get a vet appointment so they can check to make sure he is staying hydrated. When my boy got the stomach flu and was losing that much fluid he needed sub-Q fluids to keep hydrated. They wanted to do IV but he kept ripping them out.

  • I posted in the other thread about this but dehydration is the biggest concern so a trip to the vet is in order. My boy got a virus when he was 2 years old that had him going as much as you're talking about and he needed fluids. They wanted to give IV fluids but he would rip out the line every time the left the room so he got sub Q instead.

  • My foster was the same way 2 days ago, pure liquad, but only every couple hours. I only fed him rice and the next day it was a little better, today its mushy, but he is going to the vet at 2:45 today.

    i also have 2 friends that each have a cat with the same symptoms.

  • Food should be withheld for at least 24 hours, however not water… but like the other advise, I would be off to the vet....

  • Hello everyone! Thank you for your well-wishes and advice.

    Shango's stopped wanting to go outside so often and still appears to be acting fine….

    He's drinking water still so I called the vet before a visit and spoke with him about the situation. He said it just sounds like an extreme upset stomach and to withhold food and give him half an Ammonium AD tablet and that'll settle his stomach before I return him to a blank diet tomorrow evening....

    Thanks for all your help! I'll keep you updated: it's such a scary thing to think our pups are hurt!

  • Glad to hear that he is doing better!!!!

  • Happy to hear the news about Shango feeling better. Hope he is back to himself soon! 🙂

  • I'm glad Shango is doing so much better. Isn't it just like kids to get sick just before a long holiday weekend when you know it will be harder to get in touch with your vet!!

  • @BasenjiDiva:

    Isn't it just like kids to get sick just before a long holiday weekend when you know it will be harder to get in touch with your vet!!

    Ain't it the truth? Four legged and two legged kids - they're all the same! :p Glad Shango is feeling better.

  • He is such a basenji…..:)

    He is still feeling a bit down, I can tell from his BM's and his general activity level but I took him out for a walk and he led me to the park down the street and started running around, wanting to play!

    If he's ready to run and play, it's obviously nothing serious, right?

  • It's a good sign, but my Bella is like a kid. You know most kids can get sick and still be up and playing for the most part. But "Katie barr the door" if us adults get the same sickness… we just wanna lay around "moaning." So, I would definitely take it as a step in the right direction... but still keep a close eye on things.

  • Glad to hear he is doing better! I'm personally a little paranoid about situations like this. On two separate occasions when he was younger, Nemo had similar symptoms and went downhill pretty quickly and required IV fluids for dehydration. Of course, in both occasions, it was after his regular vet closed and I had to go to the emergency vet.

    The vet also mentioned that you can get some idea if they are dehydrated by touching their gums. If they are "tacky" rather than "slippery" it's likely they need to be hydrated.

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