• I don't post here too often, mostly just a browser, but I had to share my story.

    We've been having some GI issues with Dacia (day-sha) off and on for quite some time. She is going to be 3 years old in December. She's been on prescription food for 1 to 1 1/2 years now due to excessive bowel movements (4-6 times daily) and diarrhea. Periodically she will have these incidents of diarrhea with blood in the stools. The vet prescribes Metronidazole and within a few days she improves.

    Four weeks ago, we had another one of these episodes. After a day or two on medication she became very lethargic and didn't want to move. The cat even pounced on her head and she didn't budge! The vet felt a mass in her stomach. He put her on antibiotics and antacids, continuing the Metronidazole, and performed a barium test. The dog swallows a radioactive dye and then xrays are taken every hour to see how it passes through their digestive tract. The vet noticed a void (or shadow) in the stomach that the barium did not fill. The two possibilites were that it was either a foreign body that she swallowed or a mass. Due to her young age, they felt it was a foreign body.

    By the end of the day, she still hadn't passed the barium all the way through her system, so we brought her back the next day for more xrays. This was a Saturday and the barium was through by then. By Monday, when our regular vet was back in the office, she was back to her old self, full of energy, tormenting the cat! The doctor thought she must have passed the foreign object (even though we never saw anything) and we agreed to keep an eye on her.

    About a week ago, she had another episode with diarrhea. We just asked the doctor for a prescription without bringing her in since we'd been through this so many times before. After the 5 day cycle of medicine, she wasn't any better. I brought her to the vet on Monday and he felt another mass in her abdomen. This time it was farther down the digestive tract, into the intestines. Again, we thought, 'what did she get into'. I thought I'd taken all procautions to keep things away from her.

    This time we decided to do exploratory surgery. The surgery would remove the foreign object and while in there, the vet would take a biopsy to test for Intestional Bowel Disorder, similar to Krohn's disease. He called yesterday after surgery to say they found a massive tumor that is inoperable; it's just too extensive. He said that he was shocked the barium from the previous incident made it through her system based on the intensity of the tumor.

    I'm now waiting to find out when I can bring her home from the vet. The biopsy results will be back in another day or two and we'll determine what our options are, if there are any. I'm not optimistic, just hoping for as much time with her as I can get.

  • So sorry to hear Dacia is not feeling good, I will keep her and you in my thoughts.

  • I'm so sorry to hear this. Three is way to young for these sorts of problems. We'll keep you in our thoughts.

  • I understand the pain of bad news for your furbaby. Please know you are in our thoughts.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about Dacia not feeling well.. You and Dacia are in our thoughts!

  • Prayers from my home to yours.
    Do let us know how these tests come out.
    Gentle hugs….

  • Oh, poor baby. My thoughts are with you. Do keep us posted.

  • Well, we ended up putting Dacia to sleep today. She hadn't eaten in about 3 days, at least nothing substantial. She had lost so much weight in the last few weeks, she looked emaciated. She was officially diagnosed with lymphosarcoma. The vet said he'd never seen this in a dog so young. He reinforced our decision though by indicating the longer we waited, the worse it would get. Today is a sad day in our home…

    Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.

  • I'm so sorry to read this Angie. I was hoping for a happy update. We're never given long enough with our pups, but less than 3 years seems like a great injustice. I don't understand why you were give this special little angel for such a short time. My thoughts/prayers are with you. I hope you can find comfort sometime in the near future.

  • Sorry to read this, I am keeping you in my thoughts.

  • I just want to say, I am so terribly sorry. I hope you can get through this, it's so bewilderingly close to what's happening to Lycia right now..I can imagine the pain you are going through.

    Our thoughts and good energy is going to you.

  • I'm so sorry to hear about this… just know you did all you could....

  • So sorry to hear about this..

  • Oh I am soooo sorry - I know it's not easy for you - hugs and prayers.

  • Oh, Angie. I'm so sorry. Sending you hugs and thoughts of pretty Dacia romping on the rainbow bridge. What a lucky dog she was to be loved by you.

  • I am at a loss for words to express how sorry I am. Sending hugs your way..


  • This is the hardest gift we can give our beloved dogs.
    The gift of peace, to be free of pain.
    I truely believe we see our dogs again, that they never truely leave us…they are with us always.
    Hugs, hugs, hugs.

  • 😞 I am so, so sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.:(

  • I am so very sorry. I can't even imagine how you must feel, losing one so young this way. A very sad day indeed.


  • loosing our beloved friend is one of the hardest things in life to face. She is no longer hurting , may that sustain you They unfortunately no matter how long we share our lives with them are only lent to us for a short time. Having just gone thru this in August I know how you feel. Your head knows it was right but your heart is broken. my deepest sympathies

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