Gift Exchange: Winter Holidays 2008

  • Winter holidays are around the corner and since everyone liked our basenji forums summer gift exchange so much we decided to do another one.

    The way the gift exchange will work is that you send us ( the following:


    Forum Member Mame
    First Name, Last Name
    Dog(s) Name(s)
    Full Mailing address

    Gift Ideas - (please include here dogs sizes, likes, dislikes,or just anything important you feel your basenji buddy should know about you and your dogs!)

    Will you ship overseas?


    Once we receive all the submissions we we will draw the forum member names out of a hat and send everyone their basenji buddy. Then you send off a gift to whoever you were matched with, and wait for your fun gift to arrive from your very own basenji buddy. We will discard all the personal information sent us after every basenji buddy has been contacted.

    This exchange will work solely on the honor system. There is no way that the forum moderators or anyone else on this forum can enforce that people fulfill their promises to reciprocate an exchange of gifts with another member. If people sign up and don't meet their end of the bargain, it ruins it for everyone. So please if you decide to participate make sure to fullfill your gift promise.

    The rules and guidelines are:

    • Please don't spend too much on the gift. Suggested limit is $25.
    • Addresses should stay confidential, do not disclose to others
    • Please do not post private contact information (email, phone, physical address) on the public forum
    • Make sure to send the gift in the timely manner
    • Only open to Basenji Forums members
    • Please send in your submissions by November 20, 2008.

    By participating in this gift exchange you agree to our forum rules. Under no circumstances shall Basenji Forums or any of its associates be liable for any damages resulting from this gift exchange program.

    So, there you go, lets get on with it and make this Gift Exchange a huge success. If you have any questions about this program please email


    Here are some photos from our Basenji Buddies Summer Gift Exchange:


    Thank you,

  • ohh i'm in on this one for sure!

  • The pictures made me want to participate as well!! And I loooooooooove to buy doggy gifts! 😃

    But I first have to figure out what it costs to send something to the US..

  • Within the US it costs about $10 to send a medium size/weight package. I have no idea about overseas shipping!

    Anne inTampa

  • Shango and I will DEF be participating again. We had SUCH a good time with the last one….

    And he hasn't put down his stuffed bat! 🙂

  • If it's pretty small, USPS is $5. and because the recommended limit is $25, it should fit that about half the time, so plan $5-$10.

  • For our international folks – I sent a small package to Poland last spring to friends there via regular mail nd it cost me about US$15.00. But its the weight that determines the cost.

    And count me in again - it's such fun!

  • For me sending to US costs about 9 - 20 euro. It depends on the weight of the package. 0 - 500 gr = 9 euro something and 500 gr - 2 kilo = 20 euro..

    So.. I'm only in if the gifts weigh less than 500 gr 😉

  • You get to chose the gift, just make it something fun, and we're all good.

  • I would love to participate again as well…that was definitely fun!

  • I'm definitely in again! I loved it 🙂 As did, Dallas of course 😉

  • We are up for it again too! Jackpot still plays with his stuffed zebra everyday! 🙂

  • I feel you there. Medjai is always begging for the stuffed ball he got as part of all his goodies. When I take it away from him, I have to hide it, and he has smelled it out and scratches at the drawer.

  • Zahra loves to chase her little tennis balls from Medjai! LOL!

  • Yeah, he loves those too. They look too small for the basenji, but he does wonderfull with it. Medjai can't catch things that are thrown, but it's nice and small so, when it just bops him on the head, it's ok.

  • I didn't know about the summer one but this sounds like fun! I'm in!!

  • Any update on the status of the winter gift exchange? I wanted to start shopping soon 🙂

  • Last call for submissions.

  • Please keep us in the exchange - I'm hoping EL D will still be with us.
    Anita (Wizard)

  • Are we still doing this? If so, maybe I didn't see my email & it got caught in my spam-filter?

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