• Hi All,
    Am beginning life with a Basenji, Joey! He is so wonderful. Would like to get input on winter wear for him. He shivers a lot!

  • Welcome…I'm kind of new to the forum too. I live in VT and posted these on another thread. The jacket is nylon on the outside, fleece on the inside and velcros along the top (I'd recommend that if you have a harness). It has an elastic bungee type thing to cinch it around her middle. I bought muttluks (sp.?) brand boots for the icy ground here in VT. I also bought an all fleece with a hood (hysterical!) and all four legs when she was a pup. I only have film pictures and no scanner, but she was SO adorable in it! Good luck...it's a fun site and lots of good information and nice people who love Basenjis. Enjoy!


  • Hi JoeyQ - Welcome! There is a thread under BASENJI TALK called "Winter Coat". That would be useful to see for great ideas for Basenji clothing.

    BTW, Nala looks warm and sporty in her winter gear. She is a beautiful girl. I love seeing at other B's.

    Also, I am a couple months into "life with a Basenji" too. I have posed many questions here and I have received great answers with experienced Basenji owners. I am so thankful to find this forum. And . . . you are a Michigander too. Aren't we going thru cold snap? My boy Duke is shivering too. He is 9 mos. old, so we'll be going thru our 1st winter together. I've been spying a great winter coat at Pet Smart. Almost looks like the one Nala has on.

    What else can you tell us about your new Basenji? Could you post in the INTRO?

  • JoeyQ,

    I started a post on Winter Coat and a lot of people gave me some good information.

    I picked up 2 dog coats at Old Navy on sale last week. Someone had recommended Old Navy and I would never have thought to look there.

    Good luck,

  • You all are making me feel {almost} bad for poor little Jazzy, who just has to tough it out in the snow.
    She doesn't seem to mind it though.
    She is far more bothered by the rain. Maybe because she knows after a romp in the snow –and she seems to have fun with it -- she gets to come in and curl up in her basket by the pellet stove?


  • I love that picture of Jazzy! She looks like she loves the snow. I can't wait for Zahra to see it this year, I just hope we get some.

  • I buy clothes, cute ones, but I can't put them on them as they rip them off each other. But when I go out with them alone in winter they can look cute. Course, i am in GA so not really MUCH need, lol.


  • Why don't u buy a coat or sweater just to see how Jazzy likes it. They aren't that expensive, Sahara doesn't like to put them on, but once she gets out she forgets all about it. This morning it was 32 in North Carolina, cold front, she seemed to like it once outside to go potty. I got my stuff at Old Navy, a rain coat as well for 6.99.:D

  • Thanks so much for all of your replies! This is a fun place to learn all about our Bs! Joey is 10 1/2 months. We just got him from the breeder who was deciding on the two males he kept from the litter. He wanted to show one and couldn't decide between the two until now. We just love Joey! I almost hate to say that he is so good for fear that I might jinx myself! I know Joey is still adjusting to our house, but he has been trained well!
    Regarding the winter wear, his sister who is with a friend barely shivers when out in the cold. I think some of it is anxiety when we leave and he is crated. He does shiver a lot though when out on a cold day so I think he really needs something for when the snow flies. Interestingly he doesn't mind the rain much. I have taken him out to "go" in light drizzle and he prefers to get his walk in before going, rain or not. I guess they are all different.
    Thanks to all again,
    Sandra - Joey's Mom

  • i cant do it yet, but asap i will post a picture of fender in his halloween costume, which i bought earlier. anyone else dressing their dog up?

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