• I got Cali from the Humane Society and they had her as a Basenji mix, but they do not know what she is mixed with because she was brought in as a stray. Of all the dogs that I said I would never get, the Jack Russell Terrier was one of them. My vet said she looks like she is mixed with some sort of Terrier. I have been doing research on the internet and I am starting to believe that Cali is mixed with Jack Russell:eek: She has the personality of a Basenji and makes the weird screaming/woofing and other noises that I can not describe. She also barks when she sees other dogs outside and at people, but never in the house. Her barking drives me crazy because it so high pitched. I have a couple of pictures posted of Cali on the Post pictures section under Pictures of Cali. Does anyone else agree that she looks like she is mixed with Jack Russell? From reading the Basenjis owner manual she definitely has the dominant basenji gene, but her extra hyperness has made me wonder if she is part Jack Russell.

  • She is so cute… I would say for sure there is JR in the mix... and hpyer goes to Basenji too... so a lethal mix... Jack/Basenji...Basenji/Jack...

  • You may want do an internet search on Decker Giant Rat Terriers. The have basenji mixed in and some of the pics look similar to your Cali.

  • On tv this morning they showed some dogs that were to be adopted at Petsmart from the Humane Society. One of them they said was a basenji/terrier mix. That dog was huge and he didn't look anything like a basenji to me. No batwing ears but the tail was curled.

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