Harness question

I have a beautiful B mix - he is 40 pounds and seems to be able to back out of just about any harness I have tried. I got him a Ruff Wear harness, and although he can't back out, the rear strap placement is a problem - it is very close to his privates and sometimes "catches" there. So - can anyone recommend a good harness that can't be backed out of with a back strap that sits nearer to his front? I looked at the Puppia harnesses, but I am not sure that they run large enough for him. Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!

We use this one for both our B's, maybe it's available in the US: http://www.animalking.nl/Nylon-Hondentuig-Mokka-Hamilton
It's by the German manufacturer Wolters.
We attach the leash on the chest, which makes them walk a lot more relaxed.
You can attach the other side of the leash on the back, giving you even more control.

The link above looks very much like the ones that come from www.Whoadogwhoa.com

I know people that have used these on Basenjis and swear by them. The leash is attached on the chest….

I do not use these, but I have seen them on Basenjis and know people that do use them...

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