• Hi,

    I just got a mix/mutt with a lot of Basenji in her, the vet tells me she is 2-3 years old. (Stray dog). About 18-20 pounds, not skinny.

    I am not sure what she ate in her previous family or on the streets, but she seems very particular in her food choices.

    She does not like her dog biscuits, she does not eat dry food. She will eat any human food given to her (dinners).. AS LONG as it contain MEAT.

    I have been able to hand feed a couple of banana bites and a couple of dry pellets, but in general she is not eating much. She does not look hungry and she will not be standing behind us in the kitchen while making food. But if you give her something she likes (cheese, sweets, meat) she will get it down in no time almost swallowing.

    Is she just very particular with her food choices or is this common behavior for stray dogs in need to get used to new food?

    Any suggestions

  • As they say, unless they are sick, they will eat when hungry. I would suggest that you feed her whatever dog food you decide on.. put it down, give her x amount of time to eat (10 to 15 minutes) if not eaten, take it away. Do not feed her anything else. Next feeding time, repeat the process.

    If she is hungry she will eat and she will learn that when the food is put down, need to eat it or it will disappear

  • I agree with Tanza - also, try mixing in a little beef broth with the dry - it works with mine.

  • Since she was a stray, she was used to eating people food and not dog food. She will eventually learn to eat dog food. You just have to have patience!


  • Agree with all above - you also might like to try mixing a teaspoon of sardine/tuna with a little water and spreading it over the food. Good luck!

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