• Hi guys! Long time, no read.

    Life here has been busy, busy. The dogs are getting a new patio and a big shiny (ok, it's wood so not so shiny) new privacy fence so they can run, run run. My DH and I are about to drop, drop, drop. :p We do all these "little projects" on our own.

    So, to my question. I picked up a couple of treats for the furkids the other day, they are cow bones (about 2.5" long ish) filled with chicken flavored goo. I checked the goo ingredients and it doesn't seem too dangerous (but who knows these days, right?) and the bone is a real sanitized bone, but I was wondering if they would pose any physical dangers like rawhide does.

    Thanks for your input! 😃

  • Sanitized bone should be fine… however like you said, these days I would not trust the "goo"... .... especially now that they have found that for many of the foods that "claimed" they didn't have rice, wheat, corn as the protein source, they really did.... or on the package it was listed as "protein source" that turned to be one of the above glutens...

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