• I found an old bully stick in the bottom of the treat box so I gave it to EL D this morning (he doesn't usually get those cause they make his breath stink). He happily chewed on it for an hour and then, because it is rainy and wet outside, tried to bury it in the house. First he buried it in one of his beds under the old blanket I had given him - but because he was standing on the blanket he couldn't get the blanket to cover it :p . So then he tried to bury it behind a piece of furniture - but then he caught me watching him so he slunk away with it. Next thing I hear he's trying to bury it in the couch (luckily just between cushions and not in the cushions :o ). So now he takes a nap for about 1 minute and then goes hunting for his treat. This went on for some time, he'd try to bury the thing - behind a couple of boxes, in the floor heating vent, under a chair - then nap for a minute or two on the bed. It was really hysterical watching him (from around a corner of course) 😃

  • How cute that he feared you were watching! As if you were going to go snap that thing up for yourself, LOL.

    My Basenjis don't hide their treats, they work at them until they are finished no matter how long it takes. I think it's the fear that the other will get it.

    Gypsy USED to hide her treats…..until the Basenjis moved in. Now she either finishes them or carries them around in her mouth until I notice and take them away to put in a safe place for her.

  • Oh how lucky you are! Trixie hides everything on my hubby's bed and mine! Bully sticks, pig snouts you name it. And not just on the bed but often behind our pillows! Gross!!!!! Ha Ha

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