• Ok, so we have all experienced dog treat that give the squirts:eek: , stain the carpet:mad: and are of no interest to our basenjis😕 . Please post the treats that you have spent the money on that you didnt and help others avoid wasting money. Toys and treats can be expensive. I have a bucket full of dog toys that just sit there so I will share my experience. Please also put an alternative toy that you would suggest instead of the crummy one.:D

    When Caesar was a puppy and I was a dog owner newbie, I purchased the rawhide with knots on each end. Caesar loved them but I soon found out it wasnt a safe product. He ate one end off and almost choked to death when eating the other knot. I do not recommend this product.

    Try Nylabones instead. Will take a long time to eat. No diahreah with this brand.

    I have found that any red dye dog treats, rawhide, or liver filled treats will stain your carpet.

    Try Dently rawhide sticks natural color or yellow. Also can try Dentley bones that are filled with peanut butter for hours of mindless chewing and quiet. No diahrea with this brand.

    I typically can measure the amount of diahreah based on the price of the treat. If you are training in a busy populated area it is difficult to keep your basenji's attention. You will need a stinky treat, but be careful what you choose.

    I used CarryOut training treats which were smelly and didnt cause complete diahreah. Also, hot dogs are great to use for training and keeping your basenji's focus. Beefaronis are good too. I would break them into smaller pieces to reduce the overall amount used per class. I have tried boiled chicken, but Caesar was too distracted to pay attention. The hot dogs in pieces seemed to be the best over all for me.

    I have found that any heavy rubbery toy will not keep my basenjis' attention for long. All 3 have not responded well to Kong toys. Even the one that you put a treat in will not be played with without the treat inside. I found that Kongs were a big waste of money.

    Try a stuffed game bird or a sock with a knot. I found that my basenjis like to chew and pull but the kongs were typically too hard. If you need help with teething Nylabone makes a great teething flexible rubber chicken flavored bone that my guys love. They also make a harder grade teething bone if the bone is for an adult. My puppy chews the soft one and can tear it apart.

  • I agree with the Kongs. Nomatter what I filled it with my B would not go near it and talk about on the pricey side. The sock is a good idea except if your B likes to actually eat it. My B had some vomiting issues after eating almost an entire sock and the poop with stings in it was not good. But he loves and I mean loves his tennis balls. Nothing better than a day at the park and finding a new tennis ball (we have the courts right near us.) He plays all day every day with his balls.

  • As with any commercial dog treat please be careful what you use. If it has a long expiry date-ask yourself why. Since the pet industry is unregulated some companies use formaldehyde based preservatives. Rollover is good to use as well as chicken weiners if your dog isn't allergic to chicken.

  • Biljac Liver Treats-yup lots o' squirts so we don't feed these anymore.

    Hot dog pieces & chicken boiled in broth is great & salmon from a can is also a great "get your attention" treat.

    Kongs gotta say they don't really like to chew it but if I put in some yogurt they'll slurp out the yogurt & that's it the Kong gets tossed to the side! :eek:

    Buster Cube-that is a BIG deal in my house!! They can play with this for hours until they finally realize it's empty :eek: :eek: LOL 😃 😃

  • A Kong works for Corky but only if there is frozen peanut butter in it. 😉

    There is only one thing that i absolutely hated and for the life of me I can't remember the name of it. It was a HUGE mess on the floor that they did not eat up. They're shaped like bones and are packaged one at a time. Gah! I just can't think of the name. Sorry.

  • Sahara has never gone ape over a kong, or any rubber toy. She loves Bully Sticks from Merrick(they are pricey, I buy the 12" ones and cut into 3-4 smaller treats), she also loves the rectangle rawhide chews (I watch her when she gets it down to a smaller piece and have even held it for her to chew), Carryout bacon, cheese, boiled or rotisserie chicken. She loves to play with stuffed balls, stuffed duck, anything that squeaks she will retrieve.

  • Kongs are very temporary, and only if stuffed with peanut butter/cheese/treats whatever. But you almost have to pack enough treat in to replace an entire meal in order to keep their interest.

    My dogs love Biljac liver treats, and I've never seen a problem with diarrhea. But then, they only get two or three at a time during training or nail clipping.

    I also use CarryOuts, but for bedtime or when I am leaving the house. Gypsy gets a couple of whole ones, and Jazzy and Keoki get a few pieces. I haven't noticed that they are particularly smelly though.

    Nylabones do nothing for any of my dogs. Can't even get them to care beyond the first sniff. I have yet to find a rubber-type bone/toy that any of them will show the remotest interest in.

    I want to get a Buster Cube, but I'll need three of them as the dogs fight whenever there's any remote possibility of one getting any more food than the others. So, I'll hold off on that.

    Dried chicken liver excites them and is great for training. I buy that from my vet. And it doesn't smell bad.

  • Well I have to tell you I had posted on another thread how disappointed I was that my b didn't like the nylabones being that they are quite pricey but about 2 weeks ago I doggie sat for my nieces and their dog did like the nyla's so guess what..now Champ likes them too. Funny how this little B can't say no to that of others.

  • Buster Ball? Anyone have pics or can describe this?

  • Besides the buster-ball there is one that is like a dental ball. I've found them hard to come by. I'll try to post a pic of one if I can get my camera working. It's white with green spikey nylon things on it and tastes like bacon!

  • My guys only eat the bacon or meat nylabones….

  • Dash loves any rawhide, pig ears but they are messy and smelly. He has no interest in kongs. He prefers soft toys he can "kill". We try and get them when they are on clearance since I know they won't last long. He also likes tennis balls–especially the squeaky ones. He loves greenies too.

    For training treats--ha ha, like I ever do it--we use cat treats like pounce. they are small and easy to use and he loves them.

    Tasha- could it have been a booda bone?

  • Lillie's fav treats are: Frosty Paws dog ice-cream, chew eez carvers (beef & chicken flavor); denta stix, Better Than Ears (Pig Ears Alternative) and
    schnoozle (sp?) a Merrick treat.

    Her fav toys are: tennis balls, squeaky balls, plastic bags and ANYTHING that is not nailed down that she thinks is hers!:D

  • @dash:

    Dash loves any rawhide, pig ears but they are messy and smelly. He has no interest in kongs. He prefers soft toys he can "kill". We try and get them when they are on clearance since I know they won't last long.


    Try the second hand store and then wash them before you give them to the dogs. You can usually get them for a buck or under.

  • The Tirebiter rubber tire toy was the worst. Chase got sick from it because he was able to get big pieces off it. I was worried that Zahra would do the same thing but she never got the chance I tossed this toy in the garbage.

  • Ous will mess with Kongs if we use the Kong Stuffing or cheez whiz, but that is it.

    The Nylabones are a good choice. Ours like the wishbone shaped ones the best as they can manipulate them with their hands err paws 😃 to get the best chewing angle though we have a few of teh Galileo super hard nylabones as well which last longer than the standard wishbones. When we got the puppy, we got her a puppy Nylabone and she did not like it, instead she went straight to teh Galileos laying around. Basenjis are some chewing dogs.

  • Goober likes the hard rubber balls. and pig ears (i've never found them to be messy) and stuffed toys and socks and underwear and beer cans and cats and bats and bubbles and scented candles and this huge squeeky donut i found at pet smart and bills and my paycheck and elephants and bears and airplanes and spaceships and cardboard boxes and…. ok, maybe I am getting carried away. But he really isn't interested in his Kong.

  • Mine love chicken jerky strips. Love them.

    They don't like anything that is baked–like dog cookies. They just lick them and leave them. I was forever buying them fancy type cookies and I would always get that "reject" look on their face.

  • Wyatt will ignore all of his toys for a small water bottle with rocks in it.
    I wish I would have known that before I bought a bunch of toys for him.

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