Happy Holidays!

Lycia and I want to wish you all a very happy holidays.. we are so grateful for all your love and support over this past year, it has often been invaluable.

-Lauren & Lycia

P.S. Lycia is a big girl of 3 now.. Dec 22nd 2007 my little girl was born! Happy Birthday darling.

and this is about 90% of my pictures… Basenjis....

Happy Holidays to you and Lycia too! Really nice photos.

Nice pictures! Happy holidays and happy birthday!

Merry Christmas Lauren and Lycia

Happy Christmas to you, Lauren and to Lycia from the Antefaa Basenjis.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!! Love the pics!


Merry Christmas Lauren and Lycia and Happy Birthday too..
Love seeing pictures of her.

Merry Christmas to you and Lycia! The photos are great, she looks great as well.

Happy holidays everyone! Thank you for being part of Basenji Forums community.

Happy Christmas/Chanukah/winter solstice/holidays to everybody. Schouiffy, jealous of the snow back home and the Leith!

Happy Howlidays to everyone! (Although in Jet the trying's case it's growlidays. Grumpy old man)

happy holidays, awesome pics, i enjoyed, love seeing b's in coats and snow 🙂

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