So I caught a guy kicking Booger…

  • I would like to start this off by saying I am not a violent person at all. Out of most of the people I hang out I am the calm and cool voice of reason. Furthermore I'm not bragging about my actions, only venting.

    So I got off of work today and ran home to grab the dogs. Between Carrie being out of town and my workload being increased their playtime has been seriously cut down. I ran in grabbed the leashes and left without changing out of my work clothes. We were planning to get some serious play time in.

    Once we arrived I went and sat down in the social circle and began to converse. I usually don't do this since dog people are weird. :p After a while I look to my left up a trail where Booger is running after another dog. I noticed the guy seemed irritated but figured Booger would leave the other dog, which is on-leash in an off leash park😕, alone and come back. At this point Booger is trying to mount the other dog. No big deal I'll go get Booger and bring him back. Right as I was about to call him I noticed the other dog's owner push Booger off with his foot. I shrug it off and decide not to call him right away and see what the other guy does. He brushes Booger off with his foot again, I guess he was too lazy to bend over and push him. I then call Booger and he doesn't return.

    At this point I see the guy punt Booger off. Now I am getting angry. I run up to catch the guy and upon reaching him say, "Excuse me sir, next time could you say something instead of kicking my dog?!" He replies, "Just train your ******* dog," and kicks him harder. No I'm forking furious. I "explain" to him that humping is just the dogs establishing dominance and not really something anyone has ever had a problem with and that he went about it the wrong way.

    We then exchange some words that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush and I not so politely tell him that he never needs to touch my dog again. I also say that if he has a problem he should confront me with it and not a poor animal that doesn't know better.

    He continues to say that I should keep my dog away from his. I tell him if he doesn't like dogs around his then he should keep it away from a dog park (duh). At this point in time he is essentially blocking me from getting my dog while telling me mine better not get near his. Of course Booger oblivious to what is going on runs up to the other dog.

    This is the really bad part: HE BENT OVER AND PICKED BOOGER UP BY HIS SCRUFF (hind legs about 8 inches off the ground) AND THROWS HIM:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad::( 😞 😞 😞 (about 3-4 feet). Like I said I am not a violent person, but I freaking SNAPPED. On his way to stand back up his face rant into my fist and he lost balance and fell against the fist. I explained to him that it was time for him to leave and that he got off easy. He stumbled to his feet, still cussing and left the park.

    I told the other owners what happened (minus the face+fist equation for legal purposes) and they were appalled. I hope myself and or Booger never see this guy again. I especially hope Carrie never sees him as she has a shorter fuse and anyone that would kick a dog would surely hit a woman. I guess she needs to start carrying mace. 😞

    Sorry for the long-winded post. Hope it makes sense.


  • Yikes!! That guy owns a dog?! How awful. I hope you and your pooch are ok.

  • Oh, that guy should never be in a dog park again.
    Dog do mount each other and it passes and they play.
    This guy was totally out of line.

  • @sharronhurlbut:

    Oh, that guy should never be in a dog park again.
    Dog do mount each other and it passes and they play.
    This guy was totally out of line.

    Indeed. In hindsight I wish I had taken a picture of him with my camera phone.


  • Well, you would sure share with the other humans if he comes back.
    If your all watching him, that should put him on notice.
    But I bet he doesn't come back.
    What a jerk.

  • Man, if I carried my purse in the park with me and I was there he would have been pepper sprayed with zero abandon. And it would have been completely 100% deserved. Maybe I'll start bringing my pepper spray with me just in case we run into the likes of him ever again. Because you know Riley would have done the same thing.
    I'm so sorry you had this experience. Is Booger ok?

  • Booger was more confused than anything. It's the principal of the matter. I wouldn't touch someones kids. No one should touch mine.

  • Did you happen notice if his dog was male or female?

    My mom takes her dogs to the dog park and every so often some idiot brings their in season bitch to the park. Might also be why he was so forceful in removing Booger. According to what some people have told my mom some people think this is a good way to have their dog "accidently" become pregnant. UGH!

    I hope Booger is okay. Is there anyway to report the person?

  • Wooohoo Andrew!

    Way to stick up for Booger when he couldn't do it for himself. ugh. I can't believe that a$$ is a dogowner.

    I hope Booger will be ok.

  • While I applaud you standing up for Booger, you risked being charged with assault if he had called the police. (at least down here) A few years ago my husband punched a guy when he threw a friends basenji off a table at the park, fortunately the guy had swatted my DH hand first, and his punch was a "reflex" . The police tried to get the other guy to drop it, as my DH was ready to let it go, but the other guy insisted on pressing charges, so they both got charged with hitting each other. About a week later the guy called my DH and suggested he would drop it if we did, I guess he talked to a lawyer who let him know that he actually struck the first blow, so would be the looser!

    That said, good for you for decking the idiot. I hope Booger is OK, poor boy.

    Anne in Tampa

  • Andrew, how in the world did your owner(wife) let you off leash. You are lucky they have not quarantined you. Do you have all your shots?(lol)


  • If you keep this up you will have to be Micro Chipped.


  • That jerk asked for what you gave him, my hubby would have done more. My husband loves Sahara so much he would be looking pretty bad if he had done this to our girl. I am the one that usually takes Sahara to the dog park, but you can be sure I would have been furious if this had happend to my B. I would have spoken to him also, so don't be thinking you overeacted or anything, you didn't.

  • uhm, in the future you might just want to call the police and charge him with animal cruelty.

  • @agilebasenji:

    uhm, in the future you might just want to call the police and charge him with animal cruelty.

    I completely agree…let the proper authorities handle matters like that. I was thinking the same thing as assault charge where you threw the first punch would be possible.

  • Andrew,
    Thanks for sharing your story. I was on the edge of my seat reading your story. I actually gasped while reading. I just cannot believe this person would do that to Booger. I'm glad you gave him what he deserved. It's unfortunate that this guy owns a dog. I hope you guys don't run into him again.

  • Boy - I can't believe you lasted as long as you did with that jerk. You really are lucky the punch didn't go any farther and I'm glad Booger is okay.
    If this is a dog park you go to regularly, I would post a notice at the entrances describing this situation and the guy, to warn other dog owners to be on the look out for him. At our parks here, he would be told to never come back, in no uncertain terms.

  • I swear people in this world never cease to amaze me in how rude & disrespectful they are!! I just don't get it! Where are people's manners?!?

    I would have certainly exchanged words with him & probably would have called the police. Fact is, he kicked your dog, which is an issue of animal cruelty. Jacka$$!

    I hope for your sake & all the other dogs/owners that frequent the dog park, that he never returns.

  • Honestly… I would call the police. Report the incodent so that if there is any question later you have a documented complaint. I am not a lawyer, nor am I giving any legal advice, just friendly.

    Also in some states it is illegal to protect possessions using force I don't know what the law in GA is you might want to check. Unfortunately no matter how you or I feel a dog is a possession.

    PS. I am really sorry you and Booger had to go through that, I can only imagine what I would do if someone tried to hurt my little one. He is truly my family.

  • @agilebasenji:

    uhm, in the future you might just want to call the police and charge him with animal cruelty.

    Totally agree about calling the police… but can certainly understand your reaction.....

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