• My wife and I got married back in August in Fredericksburg Tx. When we got back in town our friends threw a party for us at our house. We had somewhere between 28 to 30 guest show up. Some of our friends had never seen or heard of a Basenji before and were fascinated with the breed. They were amazed with how friendly and well behaved the dogs acted and even got to witness the B-500. A few of our friends told us don't be surprised if Rommel was missing later that evening. Everybody loves Rommel, he is such a suck-up. Around midnight we walked our last group of guest out to their cars and returned to the house to start cleaning. I was out in the garage when my wife walks out tells me to look in the dinning room. I walk in and Rommel is up on the dinning room table helping himself to the cake. I call his name and he looks up at me with this YES, CAN I HELP YOU look on his face and goes back to eating cake. I'm thankful my wife walk in on him before he moved on to the Smoked Duck Quesadillas. One lesson that I have learned in life is Basenjis and small children are like the Ocean, NEVER FOR ONE SECOND TURN YOUR BACK ON EITHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am laughing right here at my desk! The whole "Yes, can I help you look" OMG! If your guests had seen that they might not have been so keen to take him home


  • This has nothing to do with the post … but you got married in Fredericksburg? How cool! I live about 40 minutes away from Fredericksburg. We actually adopted our other dog-baby from the SPCA there.

  • What a great story and thank goodness you got a picture.

    Basenji's are most certainly a "love at first sight" breed. It's the second sight(ing) they are unprepared for!!

    So many times I have B stories in my head and never talk about them because I think no one will ever believe it. Thankfully I found this forum. Most here have had similar experiences and NEVER doubt the antics our dogs get up too.

    Congratulations on your marriage. I hope your blended family has come to an understanding on table manners:p I hate it when the relatives free feed on the top of the table, especially when they double dip:D

    Thank you for the story 1981LR. I too laughed out loud like Eskilover. (Those laughs make my day;))

    I think we may need a new topic…"Holiday/Celebration Horror Stories"; subtitled "S**t Happens When You Have a Basenji, Deal With It"

    Live long, love long, and forgive your Basenji:D

  • LOVE the photo.
    These guys are so tricky…

  • Absolutely love that story (the wedding and the party).
    My beasties has never climbed on the table - whew (though he likes to sit behind me on the chair and smell) but occasionally he will try to grab at something if it is near the edge.

  • First Basenji's

    Yep! Gotta watch whatever food gets put out! LOL

  • With food, all training bets are off if the humans are out of site

  • Sooooo true Sharon.

  • Sometimes, it doesn't even matter if the Basenji's pets are in the room. My family was frosting cupcakes, and Medjai just came and jumped on the dining room table (no chair first) and came to say hi. He didn't even run straight for a mouth of cake, he was more interested in what the food was first.

  • First Basenji's

    Yep! Sakari [part JRT / B] took pizza out of our grandson's hand while he was eating!! And Bisa … well she got food from our youngest GD's hands! When I have food I look at Bisa and I say "NO THIS IS MINE!" She looks at me like ... "We'll see about THAT!" LOL

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